Assemblage 23/Failure

A23 is a futurepop band based in Seattle. It’s sole member is vocalist/instrumentalist Tom Shear. Formed in 1988, it wasn’t until 1998 that A23 finally garnered attention. Specializing in pleasent ambient industrial dance, Failure was released in 2001. A23 has released 8 proper CD’s to date


Naked—-swirling with atmosphere and empty vocals, the song has a ghostly tone. Lyrically dark and desolate, then coming alive with rave inspired bass. Awesome!!!

I Am The Rain—-Static and hyper-driven by bass and then dropping you down into a calm dance infused utopia. Everything that Depeche Mode isn’t.

House On Fire—-Driven by a pleasent dance rhythm with unassuming vocals that bring Fischerspooner to my brain.

Tried—-Constructed with a moody, urgent backdrop, the vocals are more menacing and serious. Dark and reeking of desolation.

Disappoint—-Full of computer squeaks and belches with an ever-present bass heavy beat. Monotone, eerie vocals that continue in the ‘dark’ theme.

Divide—-Reverberating with bass, sounding like ‘future industrial’. Every song tells a masterful story. This chorus is damn catchy.

Longevity—-Pleasently driven by keyboard programming, opening up to wondeful vocals that simply ache. This is tremendous!!!

Silence—-Musically and vocally distorted. Leaving behind the melancoly and delivering the anger and angst of bands like Front 242 or KMFDM.

Awake—-Rocking like an ecstasy overdose, atmospheric and energetic. Lyrically introspective and desperate. WOW!!!

King Of Insects—-Beginning with a beautiful piano intro, noise emerges from the background and envelopes the listener. Double-layered vocals add drama and tells the story of the world in which we live in.


**** out of 5


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