Hammerfall/No Sacrifice, No Victory

Hammerfall is a power-metal band from Sweden. Formed in 1993, Hammerfall have consistently released Cd’s in the tried and true vein of NWOBHM. Power chords, intricate arrangements and amazing vocals. No Sacrifice, No Victory is the bands 7th sudio release.

Any Means Necessary—-Beginning with an awesome intro and a nice vocal that stays calm until the chorus kicks in. The chorus brings life and an unforgettable hook to the song. Chant like vocals and a nice soaring backtrack. I LOVE THIS BAND!!!

Life Is Now—-With a nice acoustic intro, the song opens up wide with the vocal. This band has a knack for writing damn catchy melodies and chorus. The vocal is stellar and the muscianship superb.

Punish And Enslave—-With a Motley Crue like intro, the guitars are quick and stong. The song content is not near as menacing as the title would suggest. A weak song that is listenable none-the-less.

Legion—-Creeping up on you through the fog….some really messed up vocal distortions but then the guitar enters, sounding like Dragonforce!!! The vocals are much the same and, admittedly, the sing-song chorus becomes tiring.

Between Two Worlds—-An atmospheric and moody intro, the vocal begins quiet. Backed by quiet guitar, one quicky realizes that this is the prerequisite metal ballad that ‘must’ be on every release. Passable…..

Hallowed Be My Name—-Quickly getting back to the business of rockin’. The music is strong, the vocals are strong. A great song to just jam to. The double-vocal delivery adds a nice touch.

Something For The Ages—-Keeping the ‘medevel’ theme, the song is faster paced and more satisfying. Straight up fast paced, guitar featuring instrumental that REALLY delivers.

No Sacrifice, No Victory—-This is great!!! Standout title track with everything that is required of HEAVY METAL! The vocals are fantastic and the guitars soar and matches the vocal perfectly. Incredible!

Bring The Hammer Down—-More bass driven with a deeper guitar sound. Very ‘viking’  oriented. Think Thor or something. Not bad….not a favorite though.

One Of A Kind—-Dri=ums drive the entire tempo of the song forward. The vocals are quicker as is the guitar. Not speedy, but urgent in a way. Great Song….nice soaring vocals

My Sharona—-Yes, The Knack song!!! Don’t ask me why!!!…there was no excuse to release this song

*** out of 5


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