The Gaslight Anthem/The ’59 Sound

The Gaslight Anthem are an American rock band from New Jersey. The band, who released their first CD in 2007 to critical and mass acclaim, really deliver on it’s follow-up. The ’59 Sound, a critic and fan favorite for much of 2008, was voted Album Of The Year by E-Music and is featured this month on the cover of Alternative Press. Ironically, The Gaslight Anthem will open for Bruce Springsteen on his upcoming Mega-Tour.

Great Expectations—-Sounding like Brandon Flowers WANTED the CD Sam’s Town to sound like. The music is very Springsteen, the the vocals reek of The Killers. This is a pretty fantastc song.

The ’59 Sound—-Beginning rather loud, the refrain is almost folksy. The chorus resounds with a huge sound. The vocals are great, the lyrical content very Springsteen-styled story telling. Another stand-out track.

Old White Lincoln—-A heavy bass-line and jangly guitar immediately brought to mind the classic Cure sound. The chorus is a catchy rock-a-billy hook that stays with you.

High Lonesome—-Consistent with the ‘New Jersey Sound’. the song content reminds you of the whole Springsteen comparisons. Even a girl named Maria. Not bad, but very predictable.

Film Noir—-The vocal begins with a slight echo and a blues-tinged guitar. The song further opens up wider with the chorus and a more aggressive guitar. A really damn catchy vocal chorus stick to your brain cells and wakes you up in the middle of the night.

Miles Davis & The Cool—-Wow, is this The Boss or what? Again, the music is so like The Cure. Think about the CD Head On The Door with very American storytelling instead of sardonic British humor.

The Patient Ferris Wheel—-More aggressive musically, you can feel the muscle of American Alt-Rock in every part of the composition. Rockin like a subdued Social Distortion, the song is strong!

Casanova, Baby!—-A nice up-tempo guitar that adds a nice kick drum beat just enough to keep the song from being labeled Alt-Country. As always, the vocals and lyrics are outstanding!!!

Even Cowgirls Get The Blues—-Ahhh, a nice guitar entrance that sounds different than every previous track. The blues tinge is nice and even the vocals are more bluesy. With pick-up references and a mention of Tom Petty, reminds me of the CD Southern Accents.

Meet Me By The River’s Edge—-With a nice vocal intro, the guitar builds in the background and takes over. The vocal washes back and listening to the lyrics, you must again make Springsteen comparisons.

Here’s Looking At You, Kid—-Acoustic with a haunting vocal. Think of Nebraska, or Bruce when he is feeling peaceful. The tempo picks up to an enjoyable, poignant story. Masterful!

The Backseat—-More electric and Killers oriented. You must listen to this CD. One of the best things I have gotten in the last 6 months. Absolutely outstanding.

****1/2 out of 5


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