Rhythm Corps/Common Ground

Formed in 1981, Rhythm Corp delivered Alt-rock masterpieces dealing with hurt, depression, environmental issues and the human spirit. Hailing from Detroit, Mich., Rhythm Corps were perhaps ahead of their time, delivering messages of wastefullness and destruction when we were not in the mood to handle them. This is a classic 80’s/’90’s Alt-Rock CD that I recommend to everyone!

Father’s Footsteps—- Beginning like a U2 anthem, the vocal far excludes Bono. I’m serious, if this guy was singing today, in the  mind set of today, this band would be HUGE!!!! The lyrical content speaks of war and the lessons that have still not been learned. YOU MUST TRY OUT THIS CD!!! Nothing of this bands says Detroit!….think Belfast, Iraq, America?

I Surrender—-If you ever get the chance to hear this CD….e-mail me, I’ll send it to you, you will understand why I gush….this is fantastic. If you put this band on modern rock radio today, they would be STARS. This is a classic alt-rock band with a message AND heart.

Solidarity—-Acoustic and reminiscent of the time, Solidarity reminds one of the whole cold war thing and urges understanding and a peaceful end to unrest. This is now…..this is then….this is the future….this is history. Remarkable!

Common Ground—-The tour-de-force of this release, the song pleads for peacefulness in our personal lives and our political lives. A plea for peace and understanding…..a plea for love and togetherness…..a plea for forgiveness and correction. Awesome!

Streets On Fire—-Even though this song was released in the early 80’s, I listen to it and wonder why folks were not marching in the streets during much of the Bush administration. The anger are ire are pure and driven.

Cold Wire—-Grappling with the 80’s rock sound, the song  musically flounders. lyrically the content is timely and interpretive. It is the beauty of this band…the lyrics can mean anything you want them to. Now or then….it still matters.

Giants—-The song title describes the delivery, giant in delivery and vocal. The contents s magnificent in it’s heartfelt odes to anger and frustration. The song asks the question of how to regain trust once machismo is displayed. Wow, I love my interpretation of this song. The vocals on this track are superb and the feeling emotive .

Faith And Muscle—-Ok, this song is full of machismo, but allows for emotion. You can be male and receptive? You can be brawny and Brainy, You can be a dickhead and a doll. You get me?????????

Perfect Treason—-With a slow intro, the vocal is magnificent. The slightly whiny delivery matches the lead guitar perfectly. The occasional falsetto brings to mind any number of alt-rock bands prevalent today. The band was ground-breaking and never got it’s credit due..

Revolution Man—-More rock driven, but meaningful in lyrical content none the less. A nice close to a classic Cd that many people never experienced. If you would like a copy of this CD, contact me at mjmm@buckeyeexpress.com. No monetary obligation. You must hear this!

****1/2 out of 5


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