Punk Goes Pop/Volume 2

Another release in the Fearless Records series of ‘Pop’ goes whatever. The label always manages to corrupt, beautify and sometimes destroy pop songs. I have garnered masterpieces, disappointments and down right brilliance from these collections.

What Goes Around/Alexsana—-A nice, brilliant, masculinized re-working of Justins’ pop masterpiece. The vocals are a bit erratic at times, but the basic melody remains intact and is a pleasant listen.

Apologize/Silverstein—-A classic sounding re-working of the One Republic single. A bit more beefed up and in your face, not bad at all.

….One More Time/August Burns Red—-I love the total desecration of syrup pop crap. This band absolutely¬† does a wonderful job of destroying that which is totally destroyed!

When I Grow Up/Mayday Parade—-This band obviously wanted nothing to do with the cover of The Pussycat Dolls, the delivery and execution are half-hearted and uninspired. Why waste the time????

Over My Head/A Day To Remember—-A nice re-work of The Frays’million selling single….a great noisy backdrop and over-layed vocal is a nice touch….midway through the song, we are treated to a total departure from the norm and some nice gut screams are delivered. Magnificent!!!!!

Smooth/Escape The Fate—-A cover of the Santana mega-hit, we keep the nice guitar squeal. The vocal is slightly muted, but the bluesy feel to the song really emerges. Good to hear this song again in this context.

Ice Box/There For Tomorrow—-I am not familiar with this Omarion song, but my impression of this ‘cover’ is ho-hum. Just generic unispired slop. I have no need to seek out the original.

Flagpole Sitta/Chiodos—-Going back a ways for this Harvey Danger cover, Chiodos proves why they are one of the best up and coming bands of our time. Wonderful, retaining the classic sound but with the bands trademark sound. Great!

Beautiful Girls/Bayside—-Sean Kingstonshould be envious of the job this band does with his song. Losing most of the reggae overtones, but keeping the r’ n b’ bassline, the song is a masterpiece.

See You Again/Breathe Carolina—-How the hell do you get talked into covering a Miley Cyrus song…..well, I guess if the money is good enough! This is actually great! Reminds me of modern time Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Daft Punk. Really great!

Disturbia/The Cab—-Covering Rihanna is a daunting task, and this cover does not deliver. I think this is just BAD!!!

Toxic/A Static Lullabye—-Staying true to the basic musical elements, the vocal is even more sexy than Britney ever thought of being. Highs and lows, a backdrop of grunted vocals and a catchy chorus, WOW!!!

Love Song/Four Year Strong—-Another song that I’m really not familiar with. A Sara Bareilles cover, the delivery this band is great. I like this song—-just the way THEY sin it.

I Kissed A Girl/Attack Attack—-Of course you have to include Ms. Perryin your cover compilation! This is a computer generated MASTERPIECE….WAY WAY WAY better than the original….OMG!

*** out of 5


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