Snow Patrol/A Hundred Million Suns

Snow Patrol are an Irish/Scottish Alt-rock band based in Glasgow. Formed in 1992, the band floundered through 1 EP and 2 little noticed full- length releases before it was signed to major label Ploydor in 2002. The third time was the charm! Final Straw, released in 2004, sold in excess of 1/2 million copies. 2006 saw the release of Eyes Open, and an increasingly growing U.S. fanbase thanks to TV drama Grey’s Anatomy, using the single Chasing Cars in a few episodes. The release went on to sell an astounding 2 1’2 million units!!! A Hundred Million Suns continues to sell well and is the bands’ 5th release.

If There’s A Rocket, Tie Me To It—-Emerging from a dark backdrop, the guitar enters gently and the vocal is sweet and calm. The lyrics are achingly beautiful, Garys’ vocals are supreme. The song open up in volume abd becomes a nice up-tempo ballad that has become a trademark for the band.

Crack The Shutters—-Beginning like another ‘recipe-proven’ ballad, the song allows for emotion and jamming at the same time. It is indeed what I expect from Snow Patrol and I was/am not disappointed. Great ebbs and flows of mood and instrumentations, lyrics that bring tears to your eyes and a heartfelt delivery that wants you to pat Gary on the head.

Take Back The City—-Nice change from the tried and true ballads. The band can jam and this song proves it. From the staccato intro to the nice rhythm section, the band is tight and effective. The guitar moves to the front mid song and shines. The vocal is more sedate and in turn allows the rest of the band to shine.

Lifeboats—-Taking a nice 60’s inspired tone, the song also brings to mind some Stone Roses song or the other. Nice keyboard infused effects and a laid back vocal, the song has a nice ‘groove’.

The Golden Floor—-Even more ‘hazy’ than the previous song, a throwback to the cloud-induced sway of the past. A nice nod to bands like The Verve, Sonic Youth and The Stone Roses.

Please Just Take These Photos From My Hand—-A really great jangly guitar intro, the song open up with the rhythm section joining in about mid verse. A good change of pace after too many downer tunes. The song has lots of energy and emotion. Great!

Set Down Your Glass—-Full of melancholy and down right despair. The song really emotes a sadness that you can not escape. I would not want to live here!

The Planets Bend Between Us—-Gary Lightbody has a unique, Irish way of pronunciation that is sublime and attractive. A sweet ode to togetherness and unity. Somewhat mundane, too much sadness all at once, but enjoyable.

Engines—-With a odd background noise that sounds like an amplified kazoo, the song is more musically and vocally uplifting. The music drives the song forward and forces the vocals to come along. Nice!

Disaster Button—-Coming full circle and smacking you in the face….the band proves that it can produce U2 quality social commentary. The song has a big arena feel and will serve them well on the tour.

The Lightening Strike—-The song is actually divided up into three parts: I was like whatever. It’s just one long song to me. Of course it goes up and down, hither and yon. I really. really like this band! Theyneed to chill out on the ballads and rock like theycan, otherwise they will lose the fanbase that they have.

***1/2 out of 5

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