Pet Shop Boys/Yes

Pet Shop Boys are a British Electronic Dance Duo formed in 1981. Their first single West End Girlscharted worldwide and the duo have been unstoppable every since. Combining inescapably danceable beats, a low sad hum in the very backdrop of the music, and the talk-sing style of Neil Tenant, the band has remained a cult favorite in the U.S. and a hugely successful act in the rest of the world. Next to Erasure, Pet Shop Boys have defined Euro-trash Disco for decades. Boasting sales worldwide of over 50 million units, 10 proper CD release, numerous remix CDs’ and compilations, Yes was released in April 2009.

Love, etc.—-When you are PSB fan, every new release is an event. This is no different…Neil’s voice is like hearing from a long ago friend that you warm up to immediately. The music is always consistent and as expected. The gentle beats are up front, the low hum that matches the vocal is perfectly blended. The song has a certain rave induced euphoric feel to it that I really love. Of course, the song covers familiar territory lyrically…excess, flamboyancy, greed…..

All Over The World—-Sounding like classic 90’s era PSB, the song has a bitter melancholy to it. Neil still delivers a classic vocal. Does any one else think that Neil sounds remarkably like 70’s soft-rock balladeer Al Stewart. Check it out and let me know…it would be a kick for the Boys to cover a Stewart song. The song is masterfully composed, combining orchestration and electronica as only they can do it. BRAVO!

Beautiful People—-Great, Great Song….it stands right next to  noticed PSB recordings like Shameless or Flamboyant. It melds into their ‘image’ so well….the British irony next to the deadpan delivery is masterful.

Did You See Me Coming?—-Featuring Johnny Marr on guitar, it carries a heavy similarity to the ‘supergroup ‘ Electronic. But, it still keeps intact everything that makes the Boys a great duo. A nice guitar melody that fits with the keyboards. Rumored to be the second single, this should do really well. WOW!!!

Vulnerable—-Stand this song next to anything from ‘Nightlife’, and it would fit perfectly. These guys have a knack for writing a great, unforgettable pop hook. The song is continually moved forward by a nice marching beat and strummed guitar. Absolutely Fabulous!!!!

More Than A Dream—-Ah, that welcome melancholic vocal delivery. It is fabulous how Neil can sound so serious over dance beats. A nice integrated vocal chorus is a magical touch. Classic Pet Shop Boys!

Building A Wall—-Features a rare ‘vocal performance’ from Chris Lowe, the song is right up there with other classic singles. The refrain….”I’m Building A Wall, Not So Much To Keep You Out, But More To Keep Me In.” Masterful, cheeky, ironic, clever…..GOD!!!

King Of Rome—-Reminding me immediately of  ‘My October Symphony’, the song has a sadness that overwhelms but makes you dance anyway. Romantic, intense and joyous!

Pandemonium—-A raunchy, euro-disco romp that moves you and makes you giggle. The vocals are classic, the lyrics funny and catchy. The musical backdrop is sheer joy! The song and it’s feel just makes you happy!

The Way It Used To Be—-A romantic, heartfelt ode to the past and the sorrow when it is unattainable. The music is sublime, as is the vocal delivery. Classically delivered and full of the past…..

Legacy—-Perhaps a swan song, perhaps of ‘threat’ of things to come, this tour-de-force is epic in nature and sound. As a fan of this band from the very beginning, I own no less than 67 Pet Shop Boys items, this album took a few days to get into my system and now it is stuck. I’m looking for ‘Disco 5’ already.

***** out of 5

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