KMFDM are a landmark, groundbreaking Industrial Metal/Dance band from Germany. With an often revolving roster, KMFDM were one of the first best-selling bands signed to Chicagos’ WaxTrax! Records. The band has always maintained it’s core membership, although ‘guest’ members have included players from Ministry, Skinny Puppy,  and Enstenzende Nuebaten. Specializing in dance oriented Industrial music, KMFDM boast sales in excess of 2 million units and 17 proper CD releases. The band has countless remix CDs’ and compilations in it’ catalogue as well.

Up Uranus—-Immediately, upon the opening strains of the song, you know that you are listening to KMFDM. Vintage industrial sounds, tongue in cheek lyrics, and an aggressive moving forward landscape, this does not disappoint. A great way to start off a release that falls back in line with the five-letter release title trend.

Bait & Switch—-“Violence breeds violence……….only cleansing of our whole society can remove this sickness from our souls”……as the song begins with this robotic message, we are greeted with a different KMFDM. Longtime female vocalist enters with a delivery that is reminiscent of a more techno oriented Nightwish!!! What a surprise this song is…more accessible than anything I have heard from this band, and I have 25 KMFDM releases. The powerful bass and aggressive machine ‘noise’ drives the song to ecstatic heights. WOW…this is incredible.

Davai—-Machine driven, mechanical and somewhat cold and danceable!!! Reminds me of Rammstein, most of the lyrics, I assume, are in German. Powerful, masculine and driving….incredible for a band in their 25th year of recording. dare I say it again…..MAGNIFICENT!!!

Never Say Never—-With a nice drive of guitar, a welcome introduction of noisy machines and a cooled down female vocal, the song has everything you need !!! A catchy sing-song typical KMFDM chorus captures you from the very beginning.

PotzBlitz!—-Extremely aggressive and driving….WOW! I love this track, a evil sounding German soundtrack for modern times!!! Definitely, KMFDM has taken a lesson or two from modern day techno-industrial giants Rammstein. Fabulous but predictable.

People Of The Lie—-Somewhat toned down, the musical landscape is much better appreciated through headphones. I love the line “Reality Is Bullshit, Perfection Is A Concept, Based On Your Own Fucked Up Idea”. The song is intense in lyrical content and is passable on the musical. A song, that when really listened to, makes you really take a look at yourself.

Being Boiled—-A really passable, divine cover of  The Human League‘s first ever single release. The vocal is spot-on and the attitude is even better. Check out the original and compare for yourself.

Strut—-Sounding like anything classic you would hear at a gay bar these days, the female vocals add to the songs dance-ability I question the direction the band is going in, but I DO NOT dislike it. Undeniably catchy and listenable, not a favorite track but KMFDM none the less. After all, the band has let disco king Giorgio Moroder remix some of their songs.

Bitches—-OH MY!!! Classic freakin’ KMFDM….making fun of ‘us’ for buying all of the music that they have produced. Although they talk bout all the sarcasm and irony involved in their lyrics, this is all part of their facade. I have to believe that they really don’t feel this way. Very funny, but a little disconcerting.

Me & My Gun—-GREAT!!! Agressive and driving….classic and current…..definitive and played-out. What more can I say….Oh Yeah—-KMFDM!

Take Em’ Out—-Noisy and expected, KMFDM never disappoints. Great blips and bleeps, not much in constuction or originality.

Bait & Switch/Remix—-I’m always fascinated by the destruction and reconstruction of songs via remixes. This song does not disappoint. Keeping the female vocal chorus, but expanding on the blips and beeps and the aggressive vocal, the remix is extraordinary.  

Davai/Remix—-Really aggressive and pounding, a great re0interpretation of the original. Much louder and meaner. More Nitzer Ebb than KMFDM.

****1/2 out of 5


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