Nine Inch Nails/The Slip

What can I, a novice, say anything about Nine Inch Nails and Trent Reznor, that hasn’t be said before? Twelve-time nominated Grammy Award winner, Reznor always presses the envelope. Whether it be in form of content or availability, Reznor makes his own headlines. Founded in ’88, signed and represented by ‘Industrial’ Label TVT, Nails has gone on to release it’s new works inter-net and indie labels. I still remember when my eyes opened to the world of ‘DIFFERENT’ music, it all happened in the same day…..I bought my first issue of Alternative Press. I bought Nitzer Ebb’s That Total Age[I thought the album cover was cool?!!] and I bought a vinyl copy of  Pretty Hate Machine, I knew there was life away from Poison, Skid Row or G N’ R. Trent…….Thanks For The Courage and Enlightenment.

999,999—-Beginning ‘silent’ the slow introduction builds and builds and of course you are led to:

1,000,000—-Which welcomes you with a new refreshed pissed off attitude that you cannot resist. The staccato machine rhythms are reminiscent of older material, but the lyrical content is current and able to be expanded on even a year after the Cds’ release.

Letting You—-To me, a vocal rail to the factory execs that still emit hazardous products and we let them. The ones that we let get away, are the ones destroying the very planet on which we live…….of course, they pay the most in taxes….oh….I Assume!

Discipline—-Wow, who is to say…..perhaps this track means different things to the listener depending on the stage of life they find themselves in? For me, this all related to ‘Therapy’….at least today it did. I need the accountability factor, I need the mental ‘excersise’….. a great song!!!

Echoplex—-The vocal incantations are so welcome…the styling is impersonal and distant…exactly what I  need. The content comes across as distant as it was meant to be……i feel bad….i feel good?

Head Down—-Aggressive in lyrical content and delivery. An Angry song that speaks to me at the moment…..the feeling that you would ‘give anything’ for that affection, that return of affection…..Wake Up And Smell The Coffee….easy for me to say!!!

Lights In The Sky—-Morose and sublime, the vocal is way, way, way in the back of the mix, The Piano is the focal, the chord delivery is masterful and adds to the ‘mood’ of the song. WOW!

Corona Radiatr—-Extremely morose and dark, the underlying mood of the piece allows you to feel dread and darkness…one of the best instrumentals of all time.

The Four Of Us Are Dying—-More livable, constant droon sounding instrumental that allows the soul to breath and expand, without taking risks!  Aggressive and driving at times, the pace of the song keeps you interested and then opens up to…..

Demon Seed—-A New Order styled bass delivery that shoves the vocal to the back, but allows for emotion AND motion. A great answer to a great CD full of personal questions…….

****3/4 out of 5


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