Christopher Cross/Christopher Cross

Christopher Cross is an American singer/songwriter from San Antonio, Texas. Emerging into the Adult-Contemporary scene in 1979, his debut album Christopher Cross garnered this unknown four Grammies [Best New Artist, Best Album, Best Composition, Best Single]. This feat has never been matched since. Cross has never matched the success of his debut release, although he did win an Oscar for his theme song to the film ‘Arthur’, as well as accolades for his ‘theme’ song for the infamous wedding of Luke And Laura on daytime soaps. It is important to note that his debut included stellar musical performances by The Eagles’ Don Henley, then Doobie Brother Michael McDonald and late 70’s one-hit wonder Nicolette Larson.

Say You’ll Be Mine—-Featuring aforementioned songstress Nicolette Larson, the female vocal adds a nice touch. It is the inspired crystal=clear AOR vocal of Cross that makes this song incredible. The song would play on MOR radio today. It is catchy, melodic, harmonious 70’s slop…it works!!

I Really Don’t Know Anymore—-The song begins with such a syrupy sweet vocal, you can’t help but love it. When Michael McDonald trades vocals with Cross…it’s pure magic. It would not be the same song without McDonalds’ vocals. This is pure pop magic.

Spinning—-Featuring more vocals from Larson, it is the blend that makes this song masterful. It is slower. bluesy late 70’s inspired MOR recipe-followed perfection. If you have never heard this release and have an open mind, E-MAIL ME, I WILL SEND THIS TO ANYONE!!!!!

Never Be The Same—-One of my favorite tracks from this release, it is Henley and Cross. The vocal is so clear and pure. You feel the pain in the voice…you remember your first love, your first heartbreak, your first failed attempts at love…your first realization that you really loved all kinds of music.

Poor Shirley—-The vocal is great as usual, but the instrumentation is MARVELOUS. The vocal seems to match the timbre of the musical delivery. This is underrated and overwhelmingly good.

Ride Like The Wind—-Although a stand-out track on the release, only the added vocals of Michael McDonald save the song from becoming ordinary. The vocal mixture is masterful and the producer knew exactly how to mix everything so it was integrated. This is pretty damn good for Adult Contemporary.

The Light Is On—-The unique and catchy element of the song remains  the clear consistency of Crosss’ vocals. Almost perfect with a Henley guitar makes it late 70’s paradise

Sailing—-Perhaps the best known song in the Cross career, it has perfect summmer lyrics, clear, constant vocals and a musical landscape. For me, it was and is a summer hit. Pure and unadulterated, we now rely on Slipknot  or Marilyn Mansonfor that…

Minstrel Gigolo—-Probably my favorite track on this CD. It has an urgency to it, it has a vocal master fullness to it. The musical landscape matches the timber of the vocal so well!!! So people are whatever, whatever……if you are a true fan of music, you will give this a try!!

****1/2 out of 5


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