Rickie Lee Jones/Girl At Her Volcano

Rickie Lee Jones is a 2 time Grammy winner who found most of her commercial success in 1979. Best known for her mega-hit, Grammy winning Chuck’E’s In Love, Jones has dabbled in R n’ B, Blues, Pop and Jazz Standards. Girl At Her Volcano, released in 1982, featured Jones live in France. Deep in blues-tinged alcoholism, Jones delivered a performance that is riveting, emotional and unforgettable. If you want a copy….E-mail me.

Lush Life—-A tremendous blues fueled live delivery of a CLASSIC. Jones is so imbued by her blue mood, the piano is quaint and burlesque. A classic, awesome delivery. The live crowd interacts with the musical moods and bluesy cattiness to perfection.

Letters From the 6th Ward/Walk Away Renee—-Absolutely inspiring. I love to listen to this when I can’t sleep. I had a great experience to this song and always look to it to repeat the happiness I felt then. Really a beautiful experience, musically, the pain in Jones voice is real and you know it.

Hey Bub—-An original from Jones, this composition is much in the vein of previous materail from Pirates. It showcases some of the blues tinged ballads that are to follow. Jones is a blues-folk legend. She always delivers and surprises.

My Funny Valentine—-A masterful, freakin beautiful re-working of this standard. So bluesy and drawn out that you want to yell ‘hurry-up’. The musical landscape is awesome….another song I love to drift and space to.

Under The Boardwalk—-Absolutely Masterful….Brilliant….Classic…..Longing….Celebratory……Aching….Drunk….Joyous…..BEAUTIFUL!!!

Rainbow Sleeves—-Such a beautiful and pained vocals. I have memories of Valium induced out of body flutterings listening to Jones emotive, pleading vocal. WOW!

So Long—-Warm and enveloping, Jones has a calming tone to her voice that lifts you to a comfortable feeling. Masterful in delivery and musicality. The piano and strings add atmosphere and emotion.

Something Cool—-Recorded in what must be a Paris Blues Piano Bar, Jones is so laid back and relaxed that she defines COOL. Her delivery is natural and relaxed. Jones has produced some really great CD’s. this remains my favorite.

****out of 5


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