Hatebreed/For The Lions

Hatebreed are a  Grammy nominated hardcore metal band from Connecticut. Formed in 1994 and being known for being less than prolific, the band is considered to be ‘hardcore extraordinaires’. Although brutal in the musical and vocal delivery, the lyrics are positive and uplifting. The band preaches and teaches the art of overcoming adversity. For The Lions. only the band’s 5th release is a cover of  hardcore/punk’ classics.

Ghosts Of War [Slayer]—-Beginning as brutal as you would anticipate, the track fucking jumps to life at once. Jasta’s vocals are made for songs like this. This cover is exceptional……nothing can compare to this except the …….um….oh yeah, the original.

Suicidal Maniacs [Suicidal Tendencies]—-Deeper in sound, the track is still heavy and dark until the bass kicks in and Jasta emotes bile. This is classic…….OMG………..The rhythm section is so familiar and comforting…..making me yearn for the ‘old days’ of ST.  A huge honor for the band and a fantastic…brutal…mind numbing tribute!!

Escape {Metallica]—-These are big shoes to fill, and the east coast hardcore heads do a pretty damn fine job. The musical landscape is inspiring……the vocal is like nothing you have ever heard from Hatebreed. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hatebreeders [Misfits]—-How appropriate….how ironic….how WHATEVER!!! This is awesome…..any self-respecting Misfits  fan has to love this version. Classic and new….groundbreaking….I can’t wait to see this live!!!!!!

Set It Off [Madball]—-I was like….whatever. Hatebreed in my mind…is so far above Madball, but I guess they are movers and shakers in the hardcore scene. In my opinion, Hatebreed is one of a kind band. I keep looking for other bands like them but never quite scratch that itch……unnecessary.

Thirsty And Miserable [Black Flag]—-Driving and brutal, a nice subtle feedback that adds to the punk element. Less like singing, more like spewing disgust and lack of harmonious living. The instrumentation is tinny and masterful. the drum is there but not overpowering. Driving and frenzy inducing. MAGNIFICENT!!!!

All I Had I Gave [Crowbar]—-More murky than most HB material, the lyrics seem to be right up there with their M.O. though. Natural and easy in delivery, you can tell they love this band just in the ease of the delivery.

Your Mistake [Agnostic Front]—-Smack you in the damn face….fuck you with no Vaseline……piss on you and leave without a word……This Is The Shit!!!!!

I’m In Pain [Obituary]—-Dark and dirgein the onset, the song opens up with melody and driven guitar. The vocal is awesome is delivery and keeps up with the frenetic pace [no surprise]. the band shows off on this CD so much. Jasta has a great background and I hope he realizes that.

It’s The Limit [Cro-Mags]—-Punky and energetic, the guitar delivery is awesome, but the drums are freaking stellar. The vocal is so punk……GOD….PLEASE DELIVER ANOTHER NEW HATEBREED CD SOON!!!!!

Refuse/Resist [Sepultura]—-WOW!!! Brilliant is delivery and execution. I could not ask for more!!!! perhaps I need to check out Sepultura a little more closely. Again…..WOW!!!

Supertouch/Shitfit [Bad Brains]—-DAAAMMMNNNN!!!! Incredible in speed quotient and vocal delivery. Jamie can sing damn fast and you have to on this song. The drum delivery is incredible…especially in headphone!!!. MAG—–FREAKIN—NIF—I—CENT!!!!!

Evil Minds [D.R.I.]—-A freaking Punk Rock Classic. The tribute is awesome and appropriate, The delivery is short…sweet and to the point.

Shut Me Out [Sick Of It All]—-Another useless cover, because this band is so much better. I know that they are fore-fathers in the genre, but Hate breed define it.

Sick Of Talk [Negative Approach]—-I really don’t know this band, but if the cover/tribute is any indication, I need to do some research.

Life Is Pain [Marauder]—-Masterful in brutality and delivery. Full of the familiar ‘positive/negative’ approach of Hatebreed. Welcome and expected!!!

Hear Me [Judge]—-Incredible in emotion and spite fullness. Jamie spews disgust like sneezes…brutal and beautiful. AWESOME!

Boxed In [Subzero]—-Dirgy and welcome, a magnificent delivery if it were an original. I don’t know this band or song but I love it anyways……That is is true successful interpretation.

****3/4 out of 5


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