Gym Class Heroes/The Quilt

Gym Class Heroes are an American band from Geneva, New York. Officially formed in 1997, the band experienced minor triumphs and major line up changes on their way to stardom. The band hit big in 2006 with As Cruel As School Children, and rode the charts with the single Cupid’s Stronghold. The band released their second CD in 2008, produced by Fallout Boy  vocalist Patrick Stump.

Guilty As Charged—-Funk fueled and 70’s inspired, the rhymes are tight…..the content juvenile. I like the female backed chorus, it gives a lame song a little flavor.

Drunk TXT RMEO—-With a nice New York-Styled groove, understated vocals and nice beats, the song has a nice nice vocal chorus!! a favorite of mine for the melody, the Wu-styled beats and the damn catchy chorus. NICE!!!

Peace Sign/Index Down—-A nice blip on the radar screen. Offering nothing exceptional, the band has a knack for the catchy chorus though. I’m not sure who guest vocal on this…..could be any New York MC….Method Man, Redman, Raekwon….. I’m not sure.

Like Father, Like Son—-Using samples from The Temptations and Harry Chapin, the song has a nice flavor and should have been big with the proper airplay. Catchy, somewhat introspective and touching…..Good.

Blinded In The Sun—-Ska/Reggae flavored romp that is damn catchy. lots of great horns and a three-beat that rivals the best reggae flavor. Very nice musically….lyrically…more of the same. A nice rip from Corey Hartcirca 1984. Google him guys!

Catch Me If You Can—-Really nice intro, the vocal seems to overshadow the composition. A nice mix of beats and quasi-metal sounds add such a nice backdrop. The vocal/lyric is a disappointment but the song stands well on musical delivery.

Cookie Jar—-A delicious R n B/Akon inspired romp that falls so short on stupid damn lyrics. Grow up guys….you really can ruin a great song. Sexual innuendo aside, the song falls flat because of the content. The music is unsurpassed though.

Love A Little—-A definite Emo-styled delivery courtesy of Stump, the music is a little short on this one. The band needs to decide where it wants to go. Mid song, the composition ramps up nicely but is too Fall Out Boy inspired. It is misplaced on this CD.

Don’t Tell Me It’s Over—-A bit more striped down, a nice double styled vocal and an erratic musical track make for a great song. Lots of little noises going on in the song make it a great headphone listen.

Live Forever—-Beginning quiet and new-age, the vocal is pure sex styled R n B rap. Still juvenile, perhaps the video would be a Cupid Part II. Not bad, I love the chorus!

Kissin’ Ears—-Starting with a quiet styled piano, the song opens up with the vocal. Another sexually innuendo laden track, the chorus is catchy and unforgettable if not juvenile.

Home—-Featuring nice guitars in the intro, the vocal reverts to the straight ‘white’ rap that this band is known for. Nothing original, I leave it disappointed and still waiting for that special ‘punch’.

No Place To Run—-Whatever! This is a so-so song left to fill an empty spcae? Very Fall-Out, perhaps it was something they could not use!

** out of 5


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