Dolores O’Riordan/Are You Listening?

Dolores O’Riordan is an Irish singer best known for supplying lead vocals to the best selling band The Cranberries. With a trademark wail and a heavy Irish accent, O’Riordan helped lead this band to worldwide acceptance and success. O’Riordan released her first solo effort in 2007.

Ordinary Day—-Anyone familiar with The Cranberries will immediately recognize and welcome the pleasant vocal of Dolores. Almost acoustic in feel, the song allows her to shine on her vocal delivery. The accent and the familiar crone is there, the gentle strum of the guitar is nice.

When We Were Young—-A tad more electric, the vocal is really heavyt in accent and kind of breathy and sexy. The chorus is one of those that sticks in your brain and makes you hum along hours after you hear it. A standout track!

In The Garden—-Piano based with a poppy vocal that is so reminiscent of Sinead, you can’t help but make comparisons. I just love her enunciation, or lack thereof. The song becomes more electric and emotional midway through and then settles down into the familiar opening strains of the song. The emotive quality to her voice is incredible!

Human Spirit—-Wonderful piano and some kind of flute begins the song…Dolores delivers a classic vocal. A tender love song that is matched to her voice so well. Wonderfully Celtic in sound yet marginally alternative at the same time.

Loser—-Very reminiscent of mid 90’s Cranberries, the song is more electric and sung with a nice angry flair. The track is driven not only by an electric flair but the disgust of the vocal. The overlay ed vocal allows Dolores to go off on her vocal tangent that is her trademark.

Stay With Me—-Delivered with another breathy vocal that almost reminds me of more listenable Bjork songs. The song opens up with a nice rock feel that again allows the vocal to soar and emote feelings of despair and pleading. Mag-freakin’ificent.

Apple Of My Eye—-Beautiful and painful, the vocal soars in front of a wonderfully delivered track that is almost mellow rock. Beautifully constructed.

Black Widow—-An odd little ditty that reminds me of a mellow 70’s hit from The Carpenters or someone of that era. The single key pounding is interesting, the vocal flows with the odd arrangement. So So!.

October—-A touching song of lost love and personal growth. The song opens up with a nice rock guitar sound that stays in the back of the vocal. Beautiful and emotional. Timeless lessons in one song.

Accept Things—-Again, beginning with a quiet tone and opening up and allowing the music as well as the voice to be heard. I love the breathy feel to the vocal, of course the Celtic feel to the accent is a favorite of mine.

Angel Fire—-A nice strummed guitar allows the listener to realize that they are in for a treat. Dolores does not disappoint, delivering a vocal that is exquisite, beautiful and sad. I love how this woman sings. Wonderfully delivered.

Ecstasy—-WOW…wonderful excursions into the beautiful world of O’Riordan. A beautiful quiet vocal that swells as the music does. Almost classic!

*** out of 5


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