Like Omigod! The 80’s Pop Culture Box-Part 7

Disc 7:

Venus [Bananarama]—-One of the many female bands to crash the charts with catchy pop hooks and irresistible dance grooves in the 80’s. The band went on to score a few more top ten hits and then fade to obscurity.

Walk Like An Egyptian [The Bangles]—-Another of the aforementioned all female bands that landed huge hits in the decade of excess. With a great video and catchy melodies, The Bangles stuck to the charts for a number of years before going on to other chart endeavors.

Paranomia [The Art Of Noise/Max Headroom]—-For all of you that remember 80’s culture, of course you remember Max Headroom from the soda commercials that ruled the airwaves during the 80’s. A novelty hit for a solid synth act, Art Of Noise scored big with this fun and quirky single.

If You Leave [Orchestral Manuevers In The Dark]—-A classic hit from a huge Brit band that crossed over the pond in the 80’s with this top ten single. Undeniably catchy and timeless, OMD continue to tour the nostalgia market with great success.

Keep Your Hand To Yourself [Georgia Satellites]—-Ugh! Why was this song a hit? Detestable and inane, I have no use for this sludge!

What You Need [INXS]—-Another huge hit for a band that enjoyed insurmountable success throughout the world. Continuing to record and chart into the Nineties, INXS were to embark on a world tour when vocalist Michael Hutchence committed suicide….or so they say.

Walk This Way [Run DMC]—-Groundbreaking single from this New York Rap outfit that fused Metal and Rap to great Success and also revived the career of Aerosmith at the same time. The musical climate would never be the same after this single. Truly a masterpiece and piece of history.

Rumors [Timex Social Club]—-Combining a nice dance/rock beat with a pleasant vocal, this group scored a huge hit with this release. A tale of everything 80’s, the band never quite repeated it’s success after this.

Don’t Dream It’s Over [Crowded House]—-Sounding incredibly un-American, perhaps that was the appeal of this single for many people. The song took a different approach to music during a time of synth driven music and featured real instruments and a true heartfelt vocal. Wonderful!

Holding Back The Years [Simply Red]—-A very soulful delivery from a red-headed Irish guy. Where does that voice come from, you have to wonder. Brilliant and beautiful, Simply Red still records today, and yes…Mick Hucknell still has that incredible voice.

I’ll Be Loving You Forever [New Kids On The Block]—-A pop culture phenomenon, NKOTB scored hit after hit in the latter 80’s. This tender ballad allowed the group to display their vocal chops rather than their dancing ability. After a breakup in the nineties, The New Kids are currently reformed and touring with a new release.

Tuff Enuff [The Fabulous Thunderbirds]—-Another Southern fried piece of garbage that I just do not like. Not necessary and not a hit! According to me!

Since You’ve Been Gone [The Outfield]—-This band managed to sweep the charts in the late 80’s, with a catchy musical delivery and a beautiful crystal clear vocal. The vocalist has the ability to soar to great heights with little or no effort. Magnificent….I never get tired of listening to this release.

Only In My Dreams [Debbie Gibson]—-At the time of this release, Gibson was the youngest person to score a No. 1 hit in the US. Who can forget the bubble-gum lyrics and the mall appearances? Still recording, but mostly doing Reality TV, Gibson is still in great vocal form.

Never Gonna Give You Up [Rick Astley]—-Surprising everyone with a huge voice, this small red-headed beauty swept the US with this dance track. Soulful and emotive, Astley still records overseas.

La Bamba [Los Lobos]—-Title track from the film, never a favorite,  it was a great song. It charted high for the band and they continue to record and tour to this day.

Wild Wild West [The Escape Club]—-Heavy on synth and bass, it is kind of a novelyt hit. The vocalist sounds surporisingly like Yaz vocalist Allison Moyet. There is a bluesy edge to the voice I love…mostly the song is nerve racking though.

Don’t Worry Be Happy [Bobby McFerrin] Whatever…ok. A novelty song that swept everything everywhere, it just served to get on my nerves!

Right Here Waiting [Richard Marx]—-A soft rock classic that appeared in the late late 80’s, Marx never really followed up this ballad with anything substantial.

Roam [The B-52’s]—-Thinking this is misplaced on this boxset, perhaps it did chart in 89 or so…A true return to form for a band that had fallen out of sight for quite sometime. Classic and masterful!!!

Boxset—****3/4 out of 5


2 Responses to “Like Omigod! The 80’s Pop Culture Box-Part 7”

  1. stateoffunk Says:

    why no love for GA Satellites? That’s a great song. I blog as well about 80’s music.

    • Sorry….just that Southern style of music never really appealed to me…i should not be so harsh…thanks for reading and commenting….I welcome insights from everyone…more 80’s stuff coming…I think i have a great collection….about 400 items just from the glory days of 80-86.

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