Like Omigod!/The 80’s Pop Culture Box-Part 6

Disc 6:

Obsession [Animotion]—-Featuring a familiar 80’s style synth, swirling keyboards and Human League copycat traded vocals, this song was huge!!! The female vocalist….UGLY!!! The voice….Incredibly sexy. A great song that I never tire of.

Shout [Tears For Fears]—-The beginning of a decade long reign on the pop charts for this English duo, the craftmanship in the songwriting is incredible. Showing an uncanny ability to change their style with the changing musical climate, the band recently reformed and released a new CD of excellent material. Brilliant!

Take On Me [A-Ha]—-Hailing from Sweden or Norway, the band featured a beautiful male lead singer with an incredible vocal range. The band is best known for the video to this song which features comic characters that come to life. If only that were possible…watch out Spiderman! Still recording and touring, the band sounds as brilliant as ever.

Don’t You Forget About Me [Simple Minds]—-A fantastic band that had a huge guitar driven sound. Lead singer Jim Kerr was once married to  Pretenders vocalist Chrissy Hynde. The band maintained chart success overseas but never quite as popular in the States.

Walking On Sunshine [Katrina & The Waves]—-Incredibly poppy and beachy in sound, I would never think the band could regain popular status just because of it’s name…think about it!

Voices Carry [Til Tuesday]—-Featuring the emotive and intriguing vocals of Aimee Mann, the band scored a huge hit with this single but internal conflict led to the demise of the band. This is a fantastic video that leaves you unsettled and uncomfortable. Aimee is a critic and fan favorite with a successful solo career.

Weird Science [Oingo Boingo]—-Featured in the movie of the same name, the band had a quirky and eccentric feel to all of their compositions. Now considered by many to be groundbreaking, the band split in the later 80’s. The lead singer, his name escapes me, has had a lucrative career writing TV theme songs.

You Spin Me ‘Round [Dead Or Alive]—-Featuring androgynous lead vocalist Pete Burns, this is a drag queen with incredible pipes! Not really knowing if he was a boy or girl upon site, the baritone gave him away which made things even more odd. Although this is the bands best known single, there were many more and fans of the band still clamour for a reunion.

Miami Vice Theme [Jan Hammer]—-Theme song to the popular mega-hit TV show of the 80’s, the electronic delivery of the composition matched the pace of the show. Unforgettable piece of pop culture.

Life In A Northern Town [The Dream Academy]—-Displaying a slight psychedelic feel, the song came along when we were clamouring for a respite from electronic styled dance floor thumpers. A feel good song, The Dream Academy only released one other album after this. Classic and timeless.

Kyrie [Mr. Mister]—-I don;t know a great deal about this band….they came and they went. But in the ruins was a timeless pop masterpiece that charted in the top ten and had all of the world humming along. Great to revisit!

Everytime You Go Away [Paul Young]—-A cover of the Daryl Hall penned classic, Young hailing from Britain does a masterful job of delivering the soul of the song. Hall & Oates later recorded the song on their Voices LP. Classic!

We Built This City [Starship]—-I’m not sure which incarnation of the band this is…Jefferson Airplane …..Jefferson Starship….Starship….It’s all very confusing. I do know that this is a timeless piece of recorded material that was huge for the band no matter what form it was.

St. Elmo’s Fire [John Parr]—-Title track to the movie of the same name, Parr came from nowhere and was never heard from again.The song has a huge anthem feel to it and it is catchy, timeless and masterful!

Addicted To Love [Robert Palmer]—-Built around a classic video, Palmer delivered a cool, suave vocal. Later he went on to provide vocals for Duran Duran side project The Power Station. A classic, Palmer passed away in 2002.

Axel F [Harold Faltermeyer]—-An electronic, keyboard synth driven masterpiece, Faltermeyer delivered a danceable instrumental that lives on today through remakes and remixes, samples and commercial airplay.

Rhythm Of The Night [Debarge]—-Featuring the entire Debarge family, the band went on to record numerous R N’ B hits throughout the 80’s but quickly feel out of favor with the public when the musical climate changed. A classic song and great video.

You Look Mahvelous [Billy Crystal]—-A fun, hilarious novelty song from comedian Billy Crystal. Timeless just because of all the name dropping that goes on in the song, the track has a great dance groove and hilarious vocal accents from Crystal. Great!!!

Heartbeat [Don Johnson]—-In the 80’s, everyone though they could record a record. Actor Don Johnson did just that. Although the release really did not go anywhere, Johnson delivered a great vocal set to a nice dance groove. Check it out!

Everybody Have Fun Tonight [Wang Chung[—–A non sensible song that is on every 80’s playlist in existence, I never really though too much of this song. The band was here and gone, the song was on the charts because of a great video, but that’s about it.


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