Like Omigod!/The 80’s Pop Culture Box/Part 4

Disc 4:

Jeopardy [Greg Kihn Band]—-Maintaining a rock edge, with new wave elements, Kihn made a huge splash with this single circa 1984..he failed to chart with any other release.

She Blinded Me With Science [Thomas Dolby]—-A pioneer in synth driven music, Dolby produced a song and video that helped to define the 80’s to many people. Dolby released further recordings to critical acclaim but nothing came close to this single. Dolby went on to pioneer the technology that made ringtones possible and is a very rich man!

Electric Avenue [Eddy Grant]—-Combining a pacific/reggae flair with a guitar driven dance beat, Grant made a huge chart splash with this single. Grant released further singles, but most paled compared to this. There was a nice string of remixes to the song released in 2000 which are excellent!

Sweet Dreams [The Eurythmics]—-One of the most successful and recognizable songs of the 80’s, The Eurythmics combined a great vocal, androgyny and soaring vocals to a great video and soared in the 80’s. Annie Lennox continues a successful recording career as does Dave Stewart who produces and appears on many different avant-garde recordings.

Our House [Madness]—-Featuring a ‘gang’ of a band, Madness splashed on our side of the pond with this maddening catchy tune and really fun video. Although huge overseas, Madness never scored another hit in the US.

The Salt In My Tears [Martin Briley]—-Ah….another of those songs I had never heard before, so my commentary is brief. Featuring a nice rock styled backdrop, the voice resembles Phil Collins to a great degree. The chorus is damn catchy and unforgettable. I will have to investigate this further!

Girls Just Wan’t To Have Fun [Cyndi Lauper]—-Storming the charts in 1982, Lauper has stuck around in one form or another since then. The video to this song made the single huge and opened up many avenues for Lauper. Quirky and eccentric, Lauper retains the appeal to this day. Lauper released the excellent ‘Nightlife‘ in 2008.

Talking In Your Sleep [The Romantics]—-Featuring a Detroit rock sound, The Romantics made a huge splash with this release and two other singles from the album. Personally, I don’t care for this band, but the impression they made on the charts in the 80’s remains indelible.

Major Tom [Peter Schilling]—-German artist Schilling released this magnificent opus as a reply song to David Bowie’s Space Oddity. Featuring great instrumental keyboards, a distant cold vocal and a great video, the song made a huge impression in the US and on MTV.

Always Something There To Remind Me [Naked Eyes]—-An incredible cover of a Burt Bachrach composition, Naked Eyes rode the charts with this single…sadly the rest of the release never got much attention…IT IS A DAMN GOOD ALBUM!! Naked Eyes continues to release music overseas where they enjoy a great fan base.

In A Big Country [Big Country]—-Hailing from Scotland, Big Country incorporated huge anthem styled music with guitars that sounded like bagpipes, and featured a lead singer that was good looking as hell. Big Country never followed up their success in the US but retained a huge fan base in Europe. Sadly, vocalist Stuart Adamsom committed suicide in 2000.

One Thing Leads To Another [The Fixx]—-Just one of the hits that The Fixx loaded on the American charts in the early to mid 80’s. Featuring intriguing videos, socially conscience lyrics and the unmistakable vocal of Cy Curin, The Fixx has a great catalog merging into the 90’s.

Der Kommissar [After The Fire]—-An English recording of the Falco classic, ATF never was to be heard from again. Staying true to the original, minus the intriguing rough German vocal, the song was big on the dance floor in the US.

Suddenly Last Summer [The Motels]—-Featuring lush, sexually charged vocals and a new wavish musical delivery, this was just one of The Motels chart toppers. Vocalist Martha Davis ultimately left the band and it then disintegrated until VH1 recruited them for an episode of Bands Reunited.

Karma Chameleon [Culture Club]—-Already huge worldwide stars by the time this single was released, it was the beginning of the end for an iconic 80’s institution. Featuring a damn catchy vocal from Boy George, the band behind him was tight and masterful. The band went on to release further material, but the fame never was to be reignited. We all know the miscellaneous plights of George O’Dowd!!

Let’s Go To Bed [The Cure]—-Still considered to be an ‘underground’ band for most of the 80’llowing. This song, somewhat happy, for the band never charted in the States, but was huge overseas and helps to complete a picture of the 80’s for all of us purists.

Too Shy [Kajagoogoo]—-Take a young band, a pretty boy lead vocalist, a damn catchy musical backdrop and a video and you have 80’s success. Shortly after the release of this album, the band insanely fired lead singer Limahl, and it was the end. Limahl has future success with the theme song to the movie Neverending Story.

Maniac [Michael Sembello]—-Featured on the soundtrack to Flashdance, this was a huge, huge hit for chart novice Sembello. Dance floors were overrun by this single in the early to mid 80’s. Sembello never charted again, but is happy and successful producing and working as a session musician still today.

Sister Christian [Night Ranger]—-The epitome of a Metal ballad, this song was absolutely HUGE on FM radio and exploded this band on the world. The vocal is aching and beautiful, the musical changes and tempos add to the emotional edge of the song. A Masterpiece!

Cum On Feel The Noize [Quiet Riot]—-Helping to usher in the Hair Metal age of the 80’s, Quiet Riot hit huge with this Slade  remake. Featuring great vocals and a menacing video, the single helped Quiet Riot make history as they enjoyed the first Metal album to debut at #1 on the Billboard charts.


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