Cyndi Lauper/Bring Ya To The Brink

Cyndi Lauper, a Grammy and Emmy winning songstress, hit the bigtime in 1983 with her debut release She’s So Unusual. Lauper was the 1st artist to achieve 4 top 5 singles from 1 release with that powerhouse debut. Although sales have declined throughout the years, Lauper continues to achieve critical acclaim and maintains a diehard fan base. Her talent and artistic output have never declined. Lauper has enjoyed sales in excess of 25 million units and 11 full length releases.

High And Mighty—-With a sketchy intro, the song opens up with an almost bluesy dance rhythm that compliments Lauper’s vocal wonderfully. The vocal delivery is relaxed and sexy…some almost coos come from here as she sashays her way through the song.

Into The Nightlife—-A veritable classic masterpiece that remains perfect in every way. Lauper delivers a high energy powerful vocal, the music moves and makes you want to dance. The mood of the song is near ecstasy, when it opens up it drives you a near frenzy. Freakin’ Magnificent!!!

Rockin’ Chair—-Beginning with a muted funky styled beat, Lauper delivers a double track vocal that is so pleasant and catchy I can barely stand it. The chorus has a laid back style that is not a dance beat, not a blues beat…a combination kind of. Wonderful…if only for the familiar quirky vocal style alone.

Echo—-Full of great grooves from the onset, Lauper is relaxed and deliberate in her vocal delivery. The song is very emotive vocally without any loud, or forced tones. The chorus opens up nicely with a swirl of effects and Lauper sings at a beautifully relaxed pace. Great!

Lyfe—-Decidedly funkier and a bit more dark, Cyndi manages to deliver a sexy, seductive quality vocal despite the odd uneven beats. Really nice but not a favorite.

Same Ol’ Story—-Released throughout most of the world as the lead off single, the song did extremely well in the European charts. It is filled with a nice danceable beat, the vocal begins somewhat ‘auto-tuned’, but Lauper allows her vocal to shine through with strength and emotion. The attitude is GRAND…the lyrics are pissed off and the vibe is dancy beyond belief.

Raging Storm—-Filled with the kind of beats that can pack the floor ofn a Fri. nite at any gay bar in Anywhere, U.S.A. Lauper delivers another seductive vocal delivery that does not rely on the early quirkiness of her career, but rather a seasoned, developed control.

Lay Me Down—-Full of smoke and blue strobe lights, the song has a lot of atmosphere and mood. Lauper sounds pained and hurt in her delivery despite the thumping music in the backdrop. She manages to control her voice in a way that displays the rawness of the lyric. This is Masterful!!!!

Give It Up—-Energetic from the onset. Lauper at times sounds like a seasoned Madonna. The chorus is a thumping ecstasy of bass and the vocal is again seductive, sarcastic and emotive all at the same time. Very nice.

Set Your Heart—-Honestly….the music is classic 70’s disco. The rhythm and the swirl all hark en back to the dancefloors of old. Lauper is top notch in her delivery. The chorus is undeniably catchy and sticks in that part of your brain that controls pleasure. Wonderful!

Grab A Hold—-Classic sounding vocal begin at the onset, the driven beat is classic Erasure. The song is damn catchy and inexplicably unforgettable. Lauper is a master at delivering a strong vocal without straining and shouting. Classic…you must hear this!

Rain On Me—-A tender dance ballad. That is the only way I can explain it. Beautifully constructed, the lyric is touching and the vocal is sublime and subtle. Marvelous way to end an outstanding release!

****1/2 out of 5


One Response to “Cyndi Lauper/Bring Ya To The Brink”

  1. YES YES YES!!!! It is so cool to read a review of some one who really ‘gets’ both the album & Cyndi Lauper!!!! She has been one of my fav’s for over 20 years & this album is no exception. It is fabulous & funky. Her voice is AMAZING. She really lets that seven octave range rip. It is impossible to listen to this album & not feel happy. It just pushes any bad mood right out of you – Cyndi style!

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