Since hitting the mainstream population in 1999, Eminem has enjoyed a tremendous and unstoppable recording career. Sporting 9 Grammy Awards, an Academy Award and sales worldwide of nearly 100 million units, Eminem went on ‘hiatus’ in 2004 to face his own demons. Relapse marked his return to recording in 2009.

Dr. West [Skit]—-As expected, Eminem opens his release with a skit that is dark and disturbing. Eminem pokes subtle fun at his sobriety and melds this skit into…

3 a.m.—-With an inescapable catchy beat, Eminem adds layer upon layer of vocal accents. The song…darker than what you are accustomed to. The entire CD, for the most part, has an edgier feel to it. The basic message of the song is lessons learned from the stupid things you do when you are trashed. Eminem is in fine form, lyrically he spits remarkable lines, musically the song is a lazy made for head bobbin’ beat.

My Mom—-Ah…familiar and safe territory.The song has a remarkable horn line throughout it. Not something you would expect. Of course the song basically blames Em’s Mom for the drug problems he has had. Probably valid, but it is a little played out. Only the remarkable beats make the song fantastic.

Insane—-Incredibly dark and disturbing. Eminem being who he is, it is difficult to know if any thing in this song is true, but with his uncanny ability to write vivid pictures, you tend to believe it. The beats are Mark Ronson styled horns and with a nice jazzy feel. You can’t help but enjoy the chorus even though it has it’s disturbing elements…it does stick in your brain. Remarkable!

Bagpipes From Baghdad—-Beginning with a Middle Eastern flavor, Dre has his fingerprints all over the musical mix of the song. The lyrical content is slam-min against numerous people…which is typical. I’m sure Em enters into the studio wondering who he can piss off this time. Sometimes hilarious and sometimes disturbing, Em never fails to deliver!

Hello—-Marking the return of Slim Shady, Em’s alter-ego, the song has a spastic type of deep bass beat. Em delivers a rapid fire, drug fueled lyric that references about every kind of drug you can imagine. The chorus is a sing song type of delivery that fits him well. This is classic Marshall Mathers!

Tonya [Skit]—-Again, disturbing and dark…murderous and villainous….the mind of a genius?

Same Song & Dance—-I guess this is a Eminem styled ‘love song’ albeit perverted and dark. The lyrical delivery is fantastic, Em delivers lines that are almost like a ‘real’ song. The beats are inescapable and addictive. Nice!

We Made You—-Oh Yeah! The Eminem that we all expect to hear. Perverted, hilarious and damn catchy. I love the video and was primed for this release because of it. Again, the music reminds me of the stuff that Mark Ronson has been doing. Unforgettable and timely.

Medicine Ball—-Deeper in sound with a nice groove, Slim appears yet again with disturbing lyrics, homophobic themes and serial killer leanings. I really like Em, but sometimes his love of the underbelly of the world grows tiresome. I like when he says “…I guess it’s time for you to hate me again….” Obviously he manages to do exactly what he wants to do…outrage and sell records. Although the whole Christopher Reeves thing is a little over the top.

Paul [Skit]—-Another apperance from the record Exec. Outrage and disdain.

Stay Wide Awake—-With a slower beat at the onset, Em delivers vocals that belie the beat and drives it on. The song is damn catchy and really sticks in your head. Again, the material is even darker than usual but the music is so freakin’ great. Em manages to keep up a great pace while rapping….in fact, he belies the beat and sets his own pace. Perfect!

Old Time’s Sake—-With a nice throwback beat, Em ushers in a special appearance from Dr. Dre. It is nice to hear that voice after so long. The ability of these two to play off of each other is uncanny. Two completely different vocals that work so well together. A favorite of mine!!

Must Be The Ganja—-With an incredible sharp high-hat beat, Em is again facing his drug demons. The music is loud, the vocals seem a little moved to the back. The lyrical content is almost anti-drug, but that would be so predictable. Em delivers a chorus that sticks in your brain and wakes you up in the middle of the night—to smoke of course!

Mr. Mathers [Skit]—-A hallucinated drug overdose nightmare…you know whats going on but you can’t respond.

Deja Vu—-Another journey into the underbelly of drug use…the over use, the overdose, the overplay. The trials of drug abuse that leaves you cold and lonely…that drives you away from everything that you care about. The battle to become sober and the battle to remain sober. The song is dark and intense. I admire the guy for facing his demons.

Beautiful—-Marvelous!!! A ballad style delivery with a rapid fire lyrical release, Em again tries to exorcise his demons. The song traces the decision to retire, the ensuing difficulty of not working and the triumphant return. A really great composition.

Crack A Bottle—-Featuring cameos from Dre and 50, the music is again heavy with horns and bass. Em delivers a familiar up and down type of vocal that matches the upper registers of the horns. Dre delivers a classic old school styled vocal that is reminiscent of the old days, 50 surprises me…almost singing his verse. Nice!

Steve Berman [Skit]—-Hilarious and sarcastic…Berman blames Em for the entire downfall of the recording industry . So funny…..so egotistical.

Underground—-Lighter and more fun than most of the tracks, the track is heavy musically….the verses are spastic yet enjoyable. The song is full of every negative euphemism that you can imagine…from Satan, lesbians, Faggot this and Faggot that..even more Christopher Reeves references. Disgusting yet hilarious and catchy!

****1/2 out of 5


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