Theory Of A Deadman/Scars & Souvenirs

Theory Of A Deadman are an Alt-rock band formed in Delta, British Columbia in 2001. Since the release of their debut CD, the band has scored 5 top ten singles and a huge fan base. Scars & Souvenirs is the bands third  and bestselling release with sales just over 500,000 units.

So Happy—-Sounding like a modern day Alice And Chainsduring the first few moments of the song, it quicky detours into a great Alt-Rock song that is guitar driven and powerful. Sounding better than most steadfast Alt-rock bands of the modern day, I really enjoy this track.

By The Way—-The only complaint I have about this band? They have the unfortunate mishap of sounding like every one else…or like so many other bands. They will have to do something really radical to maintain their integrity. The song has a nice ballad feel to it, some classic double tracked vocals that will not play well live but none the less really shine on CD. This is a great song…but it HAS been played before.

Got It Made—-An interesting vocal from the onset, it seems almost muted and pushed away from the mic until the chorus breaks through and gives us a Nickelback styled delivery. The drum track on this song is outstanding and appreciated. The vocal returns to the odd delivery after each chorus but it is pleasant to listen to.

Not Meant To Be—-Unfortunately generic in sound from the onset, the band sounds like too much other stuff that is flooding the market these days. Granted, it IS a great song..but it is to predictable. I need something to shake me up!!

Crutch—-More aggressive from the onset, the vocals are more machine sounding and in your face. The guitar crunches in a pleasant manner and the chorus is damn catchy. This is what I mean….this song is different in sound…more driving and not as ‘safe’. I like this.

All Or Nothing—-A piano based balled that allows some electric sounds to intervene but relies on the safe alt-rock recipe that so many bands adhere to. The familiarity will be the downfall.

Heaven—-More frustrating predictable material….the ballad style that opens up some with the chorus is so cliche’…I guess I just demand more than this band is willing to give. Pleasant but somewhat disappointing.

Bad Girlfriend—-Definitely more metal and driving, the song has a nice feel to it from the very beginning. It is a pure in your face rock and roll song with nice subtle tinges of blues. I love this…this is what I neen, something unpredictable and different. Very Nice.

Hate My Life—-Beggining almost acoustic, the guitar only plays in one headphone until the second bar when we are graced with musical harmony. The song, to me, is stupid! Whatever…this is like an Alt-Rock remake of take This Job And Shove It!!!!

Little Smirk—-More of a ‘balls to the walls’ rock feel, the song delivers a nice blues touch that the band d\oes really well. I like the musical tempo, the vocal is pretty generic.

End Of The Summer—-A really nice feel good song—–for a Mountain Dew commercial. Really kind of ridiculous to me, I am continually disappointed with this release and really don’t envision myself listening to it again!

Wait For Me—-Quieter and with a slight country tinge, the vocal is nicely delivered at an almost deadpan at the very onset of the song. Some nice overlays and a shifting guitar adds to the bluesy country feel. I like this song!

Sacrifice—-Returning to the same old recipe, I just breath a sigh of release that this song is over.

** out of 5


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