I wanted to re-visit this release [release date 1997]. The King Of Mope delivered a stellar performance of this CD. Under-appreciated and at the onset, disliked by me…it has grown and grown on me. A favorite in the Moz catalog!

Maladjusted—-At once, you are lead to believe this would be an interesting adventure for Morrissey. The intro is loud and tracked with a vocal that I’m unfamiliar with. Morrissey is in top form vocally. Sometimes I wonder how he fits son many words in one sentence. Perfectly pitched, dark in musical delivery and somewhat sung with an air of disdain. Perfect!

Alma Matters—-Immediately reeking of a familiar Morrissey sound, the music is pleasant and the vocal is clear and concise. Morrissey has a method of delivery that is sublime and delicious. This song is a perfect example of the man’s genius.

Ambitious Outsiders—-Moody and dark at the onset, the guitar effects and Morrissey sometimes near falsetto vocal is classic. The lyrical content is familiar…the delivery is exquisite!!

Trouble Love Me—-With minimal guitars and a heavy upfront piano, Morrisseydelivers a lyric that is so what we expect from him. One wonders if one can actually be that miserable, but underneath it all…I have to think Stephen is laughing his ass off. The song does detour into a nice ‘chorus-type’ delivery from Morrissey that is matched by a more upfront guitar. Nice.

Papa Jack—-Beginning acoustic and allowing a more electric feel as the song continues, Morrissey is again as perfect in pitch and clarity as he has ever been. Masterful in moody delivery, the tempo increases and decreases with the ‘story’ of the song…it’s a pleasant journey.

Ammunition—-This is a fantastic song…it has lots of mood changes, a complete ‘lesson’ in words, a damn catchy chorus that you want to hum along….I could never ask for more from Morrissey….well except a Smiths reunion.

Wide To Receive—-With an almost quasi-blues feel to the music, the vocal is slow and croony. The lyrical content is hilarious….it’s funny to think of Moz and sex. A really pleasant song….I love when he says  “…..I don’t get along with anyone else and I can’t stand myself….” Classic!

Roy’s Keen—-Again, everything about this song has the classic Moz sound to it. The song is damn catchy little adventure in sexual ambiguity. Such as Morrissey. A great chorus and a nice guitar line through the song is accented by a nice harmonious background vocal. Great!

He Cried—-Somewhat of a throw away track for me, Morrissey sometimes plays the same card too many times in one release. Everything about the song is pleasant, just too predictable.

Sorrow Will Come In The End—-Greeted by a spoken word intro, Morrissey has such a pleasant speaking voice….the song is really odd….but what he needed to do at this point in the release. The music seems heavily orchestrated with many strings and the like, Moz gives yet another lesson in British wordplay. Incredible!!!

Satan Rejected My Soul—-A nice noisy two-minute romp. Slightly rock-a-billy, it was a taste of things to come [Southpaw Grammar]….noisier, louder and more aggressive. A man having a mid-life crisis! Wonderful!

**** out of 5


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