Hatebreed are a Grammy nominated band from Connecticut. Formed in 1994, the band has suffered many line-up changes since it’s inception in 1994. Specializing in an exciting and positive message Metallic Hardcore, Supremacy was the band’s 4th studio release. The band released For The Lions[reviewed earlier] in 2009. The release is a covers album of classic punk songs, and the band is scheduled to release a new studio CD in Sept. 2009!

Defeatist—-Coming out at you as a low hum that grows and grows, when the song kicks in it blows your face off. Jamey pukes an aggressive vocal that delivers only the most of positive messages. It’s refreshing that a song so brutal and in your face can carry such a great ‘message’. Masterful, an instant hardcore classic.

Horrors Of Self—-Jamey enters with a yell, as only he can, and the bass drum hits you in the back of the head. The song has an incredible pace that just makes you feel aggressive. The message, again is thought provoking and well meaning. Fantastic!

Mind Over All—-Starting off at the gate with a beat that just makes you want to mosh from chord one. The delivery is incredible, I wonder how Jamey can scream like that…having just seen them live not long ago, I can assure you this stuff is for real and yes….the crowd simply goes apeshit when they play.

To The Threshold—-Again, from the beginning chords of this song you feel the adrenaline rise in your veins. The song screams for aggressive behavior, raised fists and a need to triumph over everything. This is a five star quality track.

Give Wings To My Triumph—-Beginning somewhat somber and dark in tone, the vocal is rough and in your face. The music kicks in and takes you yet another journey into the realms of darkness and triumph. Jamey preaches the positive like only he can and the chorus is more a sing along chant that makes you crazy. WOW!

Destroy Everything—-Without a doubt, the best track on this release. This is angry, hostile, positive and releasing all at once. The pace of the song is brutal, the drums are outstanding and Jamey is in top notch form. Magnificent….

Divine Judgement—-With a nice bass guitar intro, the song picks up a speed that defies mankind. The bass sounds of the compositions make them unique. I have searched for other bands like this and have yet to find something that quenches my thirst like this band.

Immortal Enemies—-All about facing the ever revolving list of personal demons that we all have. That is what I love about this band….how can you be so brutal and so honest at the same time. Pick up this CD!!!

The Most Truth—-Beginning with some nice headphone play, the song opens up to a nice bass driven composition that is at a somewhat slower pace. The vocal is outstanding, the song picks up and slows down on a dime…true talent. The delivery is masterful.

Never Let It Die—-A song about getting back in touch with your passion. Jamey and the bands dramas are well documented. If drama produces an album like this….keep it going. Jamey sounds so good…parts of the song allow him to slowly scream which is nice. The song has a darker, bassier feel to it that works really well.

Spitting Venom—-Ratcheting up the speed and the volume, the song has a nice old school nosh vibe that is classic. The vocal is nice, predictable and what we need from this band.

As Diehard As They Come—-A tribute to the fans, the band delivers a brutal thank you to the diehards.The song has more of a ‘metal’ feel to it than other songs…straying away from the thrash somewhat. A great, energetic song that makes your eyeballs bleed.

Supremacy Of Self—-Closing out the release with a song that just makes you want to go crazy and pound someone, the energy is overwhelming. The message is as positive as the album is as a whole. The whole concept of ‘Supremacy Of Self’ is well taught and needed.

***** out of 5


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