Small Soldiers/Motion Picture Soundtrack

One of my favorite Soundtracks in recent history. Released in 1998, I never really paid much attention to the actual movie…the Soundtrack is an interesting mix of 80’s classics remixed and/or reworked by other artists. The overall effort was great and I still like to revisit it from time to time.

War [Bone Thugs N’ Harmony w/Henry Rollins, Tom Morello and Flea]—-A brilliant aggressive reworking of the Edwin Starrclassic, the song has a great mix of Rap/Rock that became so poular in the 90’s. Bone remain as fluid as ever and the added incantations of Rollins add a nice touch.

Another One Bites The Dust [Queen w/Wyclef John, Pras and Free]—-Remixed by Wyclef also, the song keeps the basic elements of the song…the unforgettable bass delivery and intermittent snips of Freddie Mercury’s vocals, the song is beautiful in construction and mixing. This is a must hear!

The Stroke [Billy Squier/Remixed By Dallas Austin]—-Rarely separating itself from the original, the added beats do little to accentuate an already great song.

Love Is A Battlefield [Pat Benatar w/Queen Latifah. Remixed By KayGe]—-A more appropriate collaboration could not have been made. The song keeps most of the original elements, but KayGe makes the two vocals work together in a masterful way. It gives the song new flavor and life. Latifah delivers a great rap over Benatar’s trademark wails and is interspersed with original vocal as well. This is exceptional….if I were DJing now, this would have to be on a playlist.

Rock N’ Roll [Part 2] [Gary Glitter Remixed By Dutch]—-Featuring a slower musical delivery than the original and interspersed with clips from the movie, the song again is given new life by the remixer. Nothing extraordinary, but pleasant none the less.

Love Removal Machine [The Cult Remixed By Mickey Petralia]—-With a less guitar oriented sound and sometimes almost trancy, the remixer takes the track to new heights and delivers a classic. Keeping Astbury’s classic vocals and adding a bit more bass driven balls, the song is excellent!

My City Was Gone—-[ The Pretenders featuring Kool Keith Remixed By The Butcher Bros.]—-Chrissy hynde keeps her great vocal through the entrance of the song, but the musical landscape is much more dance oriented. Keeping the basic guitar and drum tracks insight, Kool Keith delivers a free flowing rap that is understandable and not as weird as we are used to. Nicely done.

Surrender [Cheap Trick Remixed by Rick Costey]—-Costey gives this song a sonic workout that is beyond words. I love this track and really like it better than the original. Staying true to the original, the song has so much added umph that you can’t help but want to bop tro it. This is a freakin’ Masterpiece!!!!

Tom Sawyer [Rush Remixed By DJ Z Trip]—-You can’t do much to such a classic song, the remixing is subtle but effective. The vocals are slight in mutation and the guitar is given a real workout on the turntable. Beautifully reworked, the song is a fantastic rendition that could easily be played at a club.

War [Edwin Starr ]—-A re-release of the classic 70’s song by Starr. The song seems appropriate these days when we are embroiled in such turmoil. If you have not heard it, check it out. If you have listen to it again and keep in mind the world today.

**** out of 5


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