Does It Offend You, Yeah/You Have No Idea What You’re Getting Yourself Into

Does It  Offend You, Yeah are a British Electronic band from Reading, England. The band, formed in 2006, released their debut CD in 2008.

Battle Royale—-From the onset of the song, you know that you are in for a spectacular ride, the music swirls and bleeps along as it just seems to get bigger and bigger. The song has masterful mood changes, the music moves you into a frenzy and then a comfortable chill mode. Very Nice!

With A Heavy Heart—-Beginning almost from the start with an interesting vocal that is reminiscent of 90’s rave music, the music is more brash and in your face. This borders on quasi-dance rock, but is pleasant enough for a few listens. Think of The Prodigy.

We Are Rockstars—-Very much in the vein of Daft Punkand at the same time incorporating sounds of Disco and Rave. The song is a sweaty journey into the nightlife of Britain. Masterful!

Dawn Of The Dead—-This is a pleasant almost poppy romp with dance overtones. The vocals are passable, but I truly think the music could stand on it’s own alone. The chorus is comprised of that catchy hook that will stay with you for awhile, and the music is pure ecstasy!

Doomed Now—-Again featuring Daft Punk robot-vocals, the song shifts between a medium paced dance romp into a higher energy rave stomp er. Pure Bliss!!

Attack Of The 60 ft Lesbian Octopus—-Kudos for the title alone!! The music of the song has strong B-52’s overtures and whips your mind and body into a frenzy. Think of Rock Lobster on acid… got it!

Let’s Make Out—-Rather abrasive and bordering on Punk-Dance Rock, the song is a waste of my time for the most part. The band does much better without vocals!

Being Bad Feels Pretty Good—-The dance beats are exquisite and the guitars show the bands British roots. The vocals are more acceptable with a catchy chorus that remains with you for a while. Not bad at all.

Weird Science—-Definitely showing the influence of bands like Daft Punk or Digitalism, the track is a robot styled frenzied journey of dance beat and computer blips….completely enjoyable.

Epic Last Song—-Full of British Alternative energy, the song has a nice dance beat, but also a more upfront guitar sound that really accentuates the mood of the song…great closer.

*** out of 5


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