Elbow/The Seldom Seen Kid

Elbow are an Alternative Rock band from Manchester, England. Formed in 1990, the band has scored 10 top fifty singles in the UK. The Seldom Seen Kid won the Mercury  Music Prize and is the band’s 4th studio release.

Starlings—-From the onset, slightly moody and atmospheric. Gentle piano emerges and the song comes to life with a loud sound that will and does startle you! The voice has that beautiful quality that Peter Gabriel was always able to deliver. The lyrics are vivid and colorful, while the song retains a moody feel. This is outstanding!

The Bones Of You—-Beginning much more upbeat and electric, the vocal enters almost immediately and to great effect. Reminding me some what of Gene, the vocal is still overwhelming Gabriel-esque. Nicely done.

Mirrorball—-Again, beginning gently…the vocal enters slowly and with grand emotion. The vocal makes me think of Kayleigh era Marillion. Beautiful in construction, the song has a constant mellow shine to it.

A Grounds For Divorce—-With an odd almost marching musical delivery, the song has a powerful vocal that at times is a bit abrasive and forceful…unusual at best. The song has a much more electric alternative feel to it.

An Audience WithThe Pope—-Beginning with a flutter of piano, a seldom heard up front drum and a more present guitar, the vocal seems subdued and pushed to the back of the mix. The delivery is subtle and quiet, the song really goes nowhere for me.

Weather To Fly—-With a spacey almost Radiohead styled delivery, the vocal takes some time to even move up to the front and then really stays quiet. The music is plodding and pleasantly morose. Wonderfully done…I love this.

The Loneliness Of A Tower Crane Driver—-Again, the drum track is featured strongly in this track….the vocal returns to the Gabriel style of delivery. The edge the song has, still maintains the trademark mellowness of the band. A wonderful rainy day song!

The Fix—-Once again, the song brings Marillion to my mind. I think this guy also channels Fish remarkably well. The music is pleasant, but almost undeniable. Not a bad song, but takes some getting used to.

Some Riot—-The music swirls wonderfully around your head as it ebbs and flows. The piano becomes more apparent and the vocal is dark and intense. The song shivers with cold and darkness…beautifully sad, wonderfully delivered.

One Day Like This—-Musically, a wonderful alive feeling. Even the vocal is not as sordid and dark. The song has a welcome lightness that is brought about by the introductions of beautiful strings. The lyrical soundscape is a wonderful delivery of hope and promise. Nice…very nice!

Friend Of Ours—-Rounding out the release with a quiet beautiful stunner, the song has a magnificent musical introduction that introduces an almost silent vocal. The voice is so quiet, you strain to hear it, but it somehow adds to the majesty of the work. Well done!

*** out of 5


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