Britney Spears/Circus

Britney Spears is an American Singer/Entertainer born and raised in Mississippi. Spears is and has always been a bona fide pop phenomena. Despite her bubble gum appeal and dramatic life events, Spears sports 83 Million units worldwide! Billboard also lists Spears as the 8th best selling female artist of all time. Circus is her 6th proper release.

Womanizer—-With a nice techno/dance intro, Spears enters with her trademark, less than polished vocal. The song contains all the elements of pop masterpieces and the chorus does not disappoint. Even if you don’t like her, this song will stay in your brain for hours.

Circus—-Beginning with a staccato musical intro reminding me of a Timbaland beat, the song opens up very nice upon the chorus intro. The song features a high energy musical tempo and the sometimes annoying drawl of Spears vocal. Perhaps, this is tale of real life….Spears has lots of experience at the whole ‘Circus’ idea!

Out From Under—-A nicely delivered down tempo song that allows Spears to actually sing and display her ability. This is a beautifully constructed song and very well delivered. This is a total surprise to me. Nice job!

Kill The Lights—-Re-amping the energy, the music track is bass heavy and pleasant to listen and dance to. Spears again surprises by moving out of her comfortable range and actually delivers an acceptable melody that matches the song. Again….a nice surprise.

Shattered Glass—-More subtle than previous tracks, the song is still dancable. Full of funk inspired beats, Spears again delivers a more acceptable vocal that is pleasant to listen to rather than annoying. I like this…and I’m surprised.

If U Seek Amy—-Driven by some odd interpretation of vocals, the song climbed the charts on controversy alone. This is not a great song….falling back on the early Spear’s style of vocals. I don’t care for the song, although the music carries a nice energetic tempo.

Unusual You—-Nicely delivered vocally. The music is seductive and pop masterful. The bass is present throughout the song, but does not over power a nicely delivered vocal that is more singing than talking. Spears grows on this release and it is nice to see…and hear.

Blur—-Musically, the song seems to be all over the place. The tempo seems to driven to fit the vocal, which is more sedate and calm. I don’t hate the song, but some changes should have been made to the construction.

Mmmm Papi—-Silly and unnecessary. The song has no redeeming quality and was just added as filler…a waste of space…UGH!

Mannequin—-Vocally, sounding rather generic….reminding me of The Pussycat Dolls[No Thanks!!!]. The song is nice musically and if you cut out the vocal, you have an exceptional instrumental dance track.

Lace And Leather—-The musical landscape of this song is exquisite…almost making me think of Prince. Vocally, the song reverts to the Britney that I don’t care for. She has a nice voice, so why does she not use the gift she has productively?

My Baby—-No beats, no overproduction….just a nice stripped down Britney that really appeals to me. a love song of sorts to her children, this is nice and sentimental.

Radar—-Ending the release with a fast, funky, dance fueled stomp. Spears ends the same way she began…I hope more people investigate the nice material in between.

*** 1/2 out of 5


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