Cannibal Corpse/Kill

Cannibal Corpse are an American Death Metal/Grindcoreband from Buffalo, NY. The band, formed in 1988, has experienced numerous line-up changes, but remained true to the original vision of the group. The best selling Death/Grind band in history, Cannibal Corpse has sold over a million units during their storied career. Kill was the bands 10th studio release.

The Time To Kill Is Now—-From the first second of the song, you know who you are tuning into now. George delivers a vocal that is less guttural, and a tad bit understandable….scary in itself. The guitar squeals are legendary and do not disappoint during this encounter. Fabulous…..incredible….brutal!!

Make Them Suffer—-One of my favorites from this release, the music is explosive from the first note. George delivers some yells that take me by surprise. The song content is a horror novel put to music in less than 3 minutes. The song has an actual chorus that makes you feel aggressive and powerful. Brilliant!

Murder Worship—-No rest for the wicked, the song start immediately and blasts your ears and innocence. The vocal is a bit more distorted, and you have to rely on the lyric sheet for this one. The downshifts and peaks in the music are precise and show the talent and season of the band. The drums will lead you to bleed and the vocal leaves your throat sore.

Necrosadistic Warning—-A powerful wall of music is throughout this entire track. The guitars are absolutely brutal and you wonder time and time again how George can keep up. This guy puts a lot of words in one sentence. The lyrical soundtrack is evil and humorous to a point. You have to just sit back and laugh at the content sometimes because you can’t imagine that any of these thoughts and feelings could possibly be true…..scary thought isn’t it?

Five Nails Through The Neck—-Another of my favorite tracks from this release. The lyrical content is so brutal and bloody, you find yourself frightened that you are mouthing along to the lyrics. The music seems heavily layered or exquisitely produced. The vocals are just so brutal and pissed off. This is GREAT! The song has some great musical downshifts that again explode with speed…the precision s incredible.

PutrificationBy Fire—-Pure bursts of power and speed begin the song…the drums are a masterful delivery of pummeling and artistry. This band can really shred and I love that most about them. Remove the lyrics and vocals, and you still have a really great heavy, heavy band. The vocal is very fast here and hard to keep up with. The song again shows nice changes in tempo. Nice!

Death Walking Terror—-Much deeper in sound, the guitars are heavy as f**k. Even the vocal seems deeper and more concentrated. The band literally delivers a wall of sound that is slight in removal from the vocal. The song shows almost two distinct deliveries at the same time. The vocal is upfront and slower. The music is pushed back slightly but retains a wall of sound that fits nice. Great production!

Barbaric Bludgeoning—-More grinding and darkness, the song offers up some nice musical changes and aggression. The vocal is slower but still almost undecipherable. The drums are great….they speed up, slow down on a dime.

The Discipline Of Reverence—-At the onset, the band displayed a certain harmonious sound that is unique for the. That quickly dissolves, but is replaced again, by a musical composition that is damn good. The vocal is maybe a little to fast for this song. Nicely played, and George delivers as always.

Brain Removal Device—-Incredibly fast and precise, the song begins without a moments introduction. The more subtle Cannibal Corpse guitar squeal is throughout the song. The sound is deeper, but still apparent. Again, the music turns on a dime…this is incredible.

Maniacal—-This drummer is really incredible. From the first sound of the song, the drums never stop. I don’t know how they play like this for an hour and a half at a time. The delivery is precise and incredible. The vocal is nice….more understandable and just as disturbing. Nicely done! Nice guitar solos and instrumental highlights throughout the song.

Submerged In Boiling Flesh—-Yes, the lyrical content is as disturbing and fascination as the title of the song. The delivery is spot on, as usual. The lyrics are …well…typical fare for C.C…..I can only imagine what the uninitiated would think if they heard this….LOL

Infinite Misery—-Walls and walls of sound…..powerful and Sabbath heavy bass. The music just encompasses your brain through headphones. The drums are right up next to the guitars and it is fantastic. The song has slight downshifts and key changes…but performed on a dime. This is exquisite and a nice….nice way to end the brutality.

****1/2 out of 5


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