The Airborne Toxic Event

The Airborne Toxic Event are an American Rock Band from Los Angeles, Ca. Formed in 2006, the band was able to gain a large following on the West coast through constant touring, late night show appearances and ground breaking videos. The band released their debut in late 2008.

Wishing Well—-Combining great, huge sounding elements from classic Alt-Rock recipes, the band sounds seasoned beyond it’s years. The vocal is so emotive and fueled that you hurt right along with the lyric. The musical landscape drives at the appropriate times and slows for effect majestically. The orchestration is overwhelming and beautiful. Really Great!

Papillion—-WOW!!! This is incredible…it gives the listener a whole different interpretation of the band. The future is very bright for this group of guys. They will be successful simply because they can offer up a release of difference. It is to easy to repeat 12 songs of safe material. These guys are not afraid to experiment and songs like this show that. The vocal is sometimes familiar and sometimes completely alien. Sometimes I think of Elvis Costello, sometimes I think of Bowie. Magical!

Gasoline—-Changing the mood completely, the song has a slight rock a billy feel to it that is decidedly British and very pleasant. The vocal is so natural and full of lyrical emotion. This is remarkable and reminds me that the musical landscape in the States is really lacking a masterful presence like this band. Fantastic. 

Happiness Is Overrated—-Even more emotive than Brandon Flowers, even a bigger sound than Interpol!!! This is a band to watch in the next year or so, I predict that they will do great things. The lyrics are very real and the delivery is full of hurt, frustration and anger. The music remains a pleasant mix that matches the timbre of the vocal wonderfully.

Does This Mean Your Moving On?—-Again, with an almost rock-a-billy feel, the song has a light and breezy musical feel to it. Lyrically, this is not a happy or promising song. The mixture is masterful and leaves you with a lot to digest. Just as music should be!!!

This Is Nowhere—-With a slight hyper feel to the music, the vocal is deep and intense. This band g=far outshines anything that is happening on the West Coast right now. I adore the voice behind this band, but even more is the depth of the lyrical content. After a few listens, you definitely realize that this is not the happy go lucky rock of the the West that you are accustomed to. Even more sedate than early Snow Patrol, perhaps even they could take a lesson.

Sometime Around Midnight—-Once again, the intro piles on a nice string arrangement that fades and welcomes a jangly U2 styled guitar that ushers in a vocal sounding quite like Gary Lightbody. This is exquisite and my very favorite song on this release. The mood shifts and musical changes build and build and make the song a huge affair. This is a must hear. If you do not know this band…..I implore you…..go and discover them!!

Something New—-Somewhat lighter in musical tone, the lyrical content is just as heavy as previous tracks. The voice is so emotive and has a nice addition of a really subtle female voice that drifts in and out. This is nice, but not really light fare.

Missy—-Pleasant and almost fun, the musical landscape of the song is light and airy. Until you really digest the lyrics, you can not truly appreciate the scope of the song. I love a band that has a natural ability to it’s craft. I hope for huge things from this band!

Innocence—-Again, relying on a nice string intro that hark-ens a British sound rather than a California feel.The song has a heaviness that hangs about it and makes your head feel like it weighs fifty pounds…incredible! Watch for this band….they will be something!! I love this CD…definitely on high rotation at my house!

****1/2 out of 5


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