Judas Priest/A Touch Of Evil-Live

Yet another live release from the venerable Heavy Metal Icons. Recorded during live shows from 2005 and 2008, the mix is good, the song selection somewhat lacking. Priceless simply because it features the first live recordings of songs from the outstanding opus Nostradamus.

Judas Rising—-A great Priest classic that is given an added level of aggression with this live rendition. Halford is in top form and the mix is surprisingly clear. The vocal misses a few of the recorded high points, but the music forces the song along at a pace that makes you go mad. Exceptional!!

Hellrider—-Again, this song travels at an amazing pace. Halford delivers a vocal that has a nice evil edge to it that is classic. Staying true to the original for the most part, the band uses the increasingly habitual reverb to sustain some of Rob’s high notes. Not a disappointmentby any means, the song does not match the power of the studio version. When Halford does let loose on his vocals, it is freakin’ classic.

BetweenThe Hammer & The Anvil—-Reaching back into their catalog, Priest is obviously seeking to make this live set as aggressive as possible. This is classic pre-split Priest and the band seems happy to revisit this material and the crowd reaction is great. Halford is in wonderful voice and the band plays a stellar performance. The twin guitar attack is awesome and speedy. Really great!

Riding On The wind—-Numerous live recordings of this song exist and I don’t really know why they thought it was necessary again. The rendition is true to the original and is nice to hear, but I would have preferred some other classic like ‘Screaming…..’ Halford does display some histrionics for the history books though and perhaps that is why it was included on this set list.

Death—-From Nostradamus, Halford delivers a huge vocal and an outstanding emotive ambience. The music has the necessary sludge and darkness that is necessary and the delivery is very high quality. The mmod changes of the song are incredible and it is great to hear this live again. It is as magnificently delivered on CD as it was live when they preformed it. The shift changes and almost Sabbath like darkness is classic and masterful!!!

Beyond The Realms Of Death—-A nice cool down track mid-set, the song is masterful in delivery and emotion. The song has never been lite fare and still makes your heart ache everytime you hear it. Halfordis in great voice and does not disappoint. This is classic Priest and it still manages to sound fresh all of these years later. Everytime I hear Rob hit some of those notes I wonder how the hell he does that?

Dissident Aggressor—-Absolute classic Priest, this takes the die hard fan way back in the ban’s history. Thirty years on and the song still sounds as brutal and classic as the day that it was released. This is a band that has crafted their delivery to a fault and one will never be let down by a live Priest performance. Wonderful….fantastic…magical!!!

A Touch Of Evil—-Christ….Halford can hit some notes and carry a tune like no one else in Heavy Metal. He has never disappointed me and always impresses me. This delivery is even better than the studio version. The aggression and the emotion is incredible and like no other. This is a four star classic!

Eat Me Alive—-Long a favorite track of mine, I was ecstatic to see it included on this release. Featuring some nice crowd interaction, the song lilts at the onset, but kicks into high gear by the second bar. To hear Halford sing a song like this, considering his orientation and all, is quite humorous. what save the song is the sheer brutality of the music and the incredible vocal delivery. the crowd eats this stuff up and it is transported masterfully to disc.

Prophecy—-Again, this song transports live incredibly well. Usually the set opener, it is odd to hear this so out of context, but the song works very well here. the crowd just goes crazy after the long build up and the appearance of Rob. The voice sounds so incredible, I get goosebumps everytime I hear it. This is an opus that is like none other. I look forward to the day when we will hear this entire release preformed live and it is issued and documented in history. This is freakin’ incredible.

Painkiller—-Perhaps one of the most brutal songs that the band has ever recorded, the live rendition is something that many fans have been asking for and it does not disappoint. The drum intro is something of beauty alone, and the crowd is whipped into a frenzy. The speed and the tone of the vocal is absolute and un like anything ever recorded by the band. This is a rare treat and it is not a let down. Halford still sounds as fresh as he did when he recorded this track in 1990. This is an example of the quality of this band and the lengths they go to please the fans.

***** out of 5


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