Indigo Girls/Poseidon And The Bitter Bug

The Indigo Girls are an American Folk/Rock duo formed in Athens, Ga in 1985. The Grammy winning duo have released 12 studio releases to date. Poseidon And The Bitter Bug marks the debut release from the band’s independent label IG Recordings.

Digging For Your Dream—-At once, the sound is full of introspection and guilty pleasure. The sweet refrains of these trained and intertwined vocals are comforting and familiar. The music is smooth with an almost island feel. There is nice ear to ear play through the headphones. When these two voices combine, it is a thing of true beauty.

Sugar Tongue—-With a slight grittier feel to the song, the vocal is rough and a tad gravelly…which suits this band wonderfully. The guitar and the drum are forward in the mix and more electric than the previous track. Amy has a much rougher voice than Emily, but combined, they are an unstoppable force.

Love Of Our Lives—-The song begins with a jangly guitar that makes you salivate…you just know that this is going to be good. This is classic Indigo Girls. They sound fantastic….the aging and seasoning of their harmonies are masterful. Amy sings in a higher than normal range, and I love the result. This is a really great song….even if for harmony alone. The song only intensifies in urgency and beauty as it unfolds. WOW!

Driver Education—-It’s difficult to pigeon hole this song into any one genre. Of course it has folk elements, but also includes some rock-a-billy elements as well. To me, the song also has a slight 60’s feel to it that is quite nice. This is nice, but not really a favorite….I prefer the more intricate melodies that I know they are capable of.

Ill Change—-Returning to the masterful folk that made this band indie favorites, this song has a nice tone and Emily takes lead vocals to a masterful effect. The song has a country edge to it that works really well with the girls vocal harmonies. This is classic and not to be missed.

Second Time Around—-From the onset, this song carries a country almost bluegrass element to it. Amy enters with that gravel of a voice of hers, while Emily sticks to the very background of the song. This works to a powerful effect and I listened to this song 6 or 7 times in a row after I first heard it. This is really great and fits well in the place they put it on the release. Really great harmonica also!!

What Are You Like—-Returning to a more electric feel, the vocal is masterful and a tad bit quieter, considering the music. The chorus is full of hooks that are bound to bounce around your brain for hours. The song rocks quite nicely at times and is really pleasant.

Ghost Of The Gang—-With a slight rock, the song moves along at a nice pace. Of course the vocal harmonies are intact, but a little underplayed. The instrumentation is really at the front of the mix, and still keeps folk elements despite the volume of it. Emily remains in the background, but magically appears when it is needed and necessary.

Fleet Of Hope—-Emily returns in time to save the day and introduce this beautiful masterpiece of quiet and emotion. The harmonies are so perfect, you wonder if these girls ever hit a bad note. This is practised and time worn beauty. The music is very folksy and the song offers up the wonder of the girls singing different words at the same time….this is incredible and has a magnificent effect. Wonderful…don’t miss this!!

True Romantic—-With minimal musical accompaniment at the onset, the song relies of vocal inflection and tone. The music slowly builds and explodes in to a gentle folk delivery. The song features Ray on vocals almost totally, which is not a bad thing, but I love the gentle harmonies and more would be great on this track. Really wonderful song!

**** out of 5


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