Sinead O’Connor/I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got

Sinead O’connor is an Irish born folk singer that has gained both iconic status and the ire of a nation in a single career. Known for her startling appearance and her incredible vocal delivery, O’Connor is perhaps best known for her outlandish behavior at times. I personally choose to direct my attention to the incredible musical output of this artist. This release was no exception. Released in 1990, this was only the second release from this indie rock goddess and was long anticipated by fans of her debut release. Of course, this song features the singlr that would catapult O’Connor into a spotlight she never sought. Standing alone, without the single, this release is full of masterful songs and incredible vocal deliveries that deserves a visit from time to time.

Feel So Different—-Beginning with the opening lines of the ‘Serenity Prayer’. the song is begun with a level of mastery and art. O’Connor delivers a sedate, introspective style that sets up most of the release. The vocal aches with loneliness, anger and disbelief at life’s travails all in one song. This is a beautiful, haunting song that is not only attributed to the vocal delivery but the incredible string arrangement of the music. This is the thing that masterpieces are made of!!!

I Am Stretched On Your Grave—-One of the true masterpieces of the early 90’s Alternative Rock landscape, O’Connor never pushed her label enough to have this song played at radio. Displaying an incredible musical landscape, the song combines modern rock sounds with Celtic sounding fiddles. This is an incredible song, and O’Connor delivers a stellar vocal.

Three Babies—-Full of incredibly sedate vocals and a beautiful string delivery, you can not keep yourself from experiencing goosebumps and tears when you hear O’Connor’s impassioned vocal. This is pure beauty and must be heard by any naysayer or sceptic concerning O’Connors ability to illicit emotional surges. A true classic vocal delivery.

The Emperor’s New Clothes—-I immediately think of the story that I was read via Captain Kangaroo. Guess I’m showing my age…..this song is way better than the story if not for the music alone. Of course, the song speaks to me in a certain way….Sinead being burst into the limelight before she was ready and feeling exposed. Sinead sings of being tired, being lonely and being over whelmed…..the song is pure mastery and still stands up as a way of speaking to what happened with her career. I truly believe that she is happy with 250.000 people buying her releases rather than 10 million.

Black Boys On Mopeds—-Sinead is blatant and coarse in her open criticism of racial divides in England and worldwide. If any one thought that the 90’s were a time of peace and strife-free living in the UK listen to this song. The Clash started with White Riot and Sinead delivers an even more impassioned plea for the world to wake up. 19 years later and we are still yawning and stretching.

Nothing Compares 2 U—-Undeniably the biggest selling song of O’Connor’s career, it was also the song that brought her down. Not ready for the type of attention that this Prince penned song would bring, O’Connor only recorded it at her label’s insistence. This song will make you cry…even when you are in a good mood. The video will bring on a nervous breakdown…..the Prince version just leaves you shaking your head saying ‘what?’….This song will live for an eternity but will always have negative connotation’s related to it.

Jump In The River—-Continuing in the stream of fast song, slow song, O’Connor again delivers a song that is a bit faster paced but just as heavy and emotional as anything else on this release. It is obvious that she was dealing with a lot of personal issues at the time and trying to satisfy all of the people surrounding herself at the same time. I feel bad that this kind of pressure is put upon an artist because of our demands….this is classic Sinead and will live on and on…still one of my favorite releases of all time.

You Cause As Much Sorrow—-Very sedate in vocal and musical delivery, this song carries a sting to it that overrides both of these deliveries. O’Connor is pissed and it comes out as the song progresses. The hurt and disappointment are in the very forefront of the song. The vocal is FANTASTIC!!!! When O’Connor insists that “….you cause as much sorrow dead as you did when you were alive….” you believe that she means it. There are vocal points during the song when you just want to bleed from your eyeballs because of the pain that is expressed. This is REAL!!!

This Is The Last Day Of Our Aquaintance—-By far and above, my favorite Sinead song of all time. This song is so sedate and pained that you are immediatly transported to the zone of the song. The song is so impactful not only because of the soaring beautiful vocl delievery, but the cresendo at the end of the song makes it even more poyent. When O’Connor lets loose with her wail, you are an injured puppy that wants to hide in the corner. This is incredible….LISTEN TO THIS SONG!!!!

***** out of 5


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