Echo & The Bunnymen/What Are You Going To Do With Your Life?

Echo & The Bunnymen are an influential post-Punk band formed in Liverpool. The band began it’s journey in 1979. Influential and heralded in the Goth community and cemented in the Shoe-gaze movement, the band has undergone turmoil and numerous line-up changes. The band split in 1988, allowing times for solo projects and side bands. The band re-organized in 1997 and continue to record and tour in 2009. This release, dropped in 1999, was the band’s 8th of 11 studio albums. Echo & The Bunnymen are scheduled to issue a new release in October 2009.

What Are You Going To Do With Your Life?—-This is not the Echo of old, gone are the sometimes abrasive guitars and in it’s place is a well groomed troopof aging men trying to get in touch with life ‘at this juncture. The result is absolutely fantastic. Ian delivers a vocal that is crisp and full of sadness, while guitarist Seargeant strums a gentle song that touches your heart and makes you ask yourself the same question over and over. I love Ian’s masterful answer “…..Gonna Be Me….”……fantastic!!! SIGH!

Rust—-Falling in the same vein of the earlier song, the musical landscape is a slight more bit electric, with a nice drum and bass line. Ian delivers a vocal that just makes you think about life and where you are at in this current age. The sound of the song is heavy in layers of guitar, drums and strings…it actually soars at times and makes you look to the sky for the sun. Brilliant!!!

Get In The Car—-Wow, masterfulhorns and a gentle guitar delivery adds atmosphere and mood to Ian as he delivers a vocal that permeates your very soul. The emotion and the wonderful tone mix with the horns and high hats of the drums to a masterful effect. I have been an Echo fan for quite sometime….this is by far my favorite release from them.

Baby Rain—-With a more Alternative sound to the music, the vocal takes you back to the pouty lip days of old. The music builds to a nice tempo and then quietly sets you back down on a feather pillow waiting for the thud that you expected. Ian has a voice that is classic and fresh at the same time and the result is just pure beauty.

History Chimes—-With a masterful piano delivery, the song is stripped of all other sound except the voice working in tandem with the piano. this is a surprisingly wonderful delivery. This song will wrench your heart out and leave you weeping on the floor. Ian allows his voice to drop to lower registers that give the song a whole mood of it’s own. This is freakin’ masterful!!!

Lost On You—-Beginning with much more momentum than previous tracks, this will transport you to the glory days of The Bunnymen. This is a continued saga of genius as the band produces a track that will stand up next to anything they have done in the past. This is a nice jangly, shoe gaze affair that pleases and leaves you panting for more.

Morning Sun—-Returning to more serene and intense sound, the band still delivers the classic sound that we expect. Ian is in great voice throughout this entire release and it transports you back to days gone by and you never realize that we have all progressed and aged. The sound is, well, timeless I guess and this release solidifies that theory.

When It All Blows Over—-More horns introduce this song and mixed with the gentle guitar it has an incredible effect. The lyrics are sad and intense and makes you think about your life, no matter what stage you are in. Ian delivers a sound that is heavy and emotional. This is incredibly good stuff and I recommend this release to any fan or someone who wants to be introduced to a great band. Oh…..did I mention the flute?

Fools Like Us—-The band closes out this exceptional release with a heavily orchestrated opus that brings us back to the same place we were when we started…full of thought and contemplation. This is beauty and should be heard by everyone. This is a fine return to form and only a promise of the two great releases that came after this. Wonderful and filled with feeling.

***** out of 5


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