Assemblage 23/Early, Rare & And Unreleased—-Vol. 1 & 2

Vol 2:

Eschatology—-Wow!! From the opening bars. you know that you are in for a treat. Shear pulls out all the sound effects and heavy layers as the song progresses and evolves. There are masterful ebbs and flows and the sounds are pure mechanical pleasure. There are tracking vocal effects that leave a stunned taste in your mouth…exactly what i needed.

Beneath The Silence—-Swirling synths are pleasing to the palate and the song truly hits home when Shear delivers his trademark vocal. The song content is what we have become accustomed to, but one that never grows old. Show me one true music fan that does not recognize loneliness and alienation and I’ll say they are not a true fan. This is monumental!!!

Graverobber—-Disturbing from the first cut in vocal snips, the entrance of Shear allows the listener to be a bit more comfortable. The song content and musical delivery is dark and scary. Shear delivers a trademark vocal that melds so well with his music of choice. Everyone should hear this song!!!

Black Day—-Much more poppy and synth based, the sound effects are slight and the 80’s retro feel over bound. The delivery from Shear is pleasant as he sings in a higher voice than usual. This is classic 80’s styled synth pop that was . unfortunately. never heard by the masses.

Relationshit—-A bit more speedy in beat than most Assemblage release. Shear delivers a vocal that is again slight in mutation and distortion. Have no doubt, this works incredibly well…Shear has a second nature when it comes to this kind of thing and he never disappoints. This is classic and great. And…a fantastic title I might add.

Untitled—-Swirling in sound and atmosphere, Shear again creates an entire landscape of musical notes. This is classic and reminds you of the genius of the man. The beats are a perfect shoe-gaze inspired dance rhythm that begs to be played loudly and with smoke and purple strobelights. Incredible!

From Darkness Comes Light—-Much heavier in sound and bass rhythms, the song is driven by these sounds alone. Usually, Shear delivers a higher sound to his music, but this is an exception. The vocal is slight in distortion and seems to be sung through an effects mike that works really well with the mood of the song. This is a wonderful excursion and should have been prominent on one of Shears masterpieces.

Mary Behind The Counter—-Sounding fresh and new, Shear is in great voice. This is better than a lot of the stuff ever played on the radio during the late 80’s or early 90’s. The synth absolutely swirls around your head and envelops you in the mood of the song. This is a masterpiece. The low hum that runs through the song adds so much atmosphere and mood that it is inescapable. This is wonderful!!!

Alone—-This is deep in tone and fresh in sound. Combining all the elements of the industrial movement with the deeper lyrical content of the mid 90’s, I am still amazed that the masses are not tuned into this genius called Tom Shear. I look so forward to the new CD and the tour that will follow…my first Assemblage 23 live experience.

Love My Way—-Yes, a remake of the classic Psychedelic Furs track….I was sceptical…..I LOVE the Furs. I say to you honestly……this is better than the original simply because of the emotion and darkness that make up the song. This is an absolute classic remake that should be on the radio RIGHT NOW.

Psychotic—-A bit more hyper in sound, the track makes me think of classic KMFDM from the onset. The vocal is so distorted and muted you can barely discern what is being said…this is not a bad thing. The mood of the song is kinetic and angry and the delivery matches the mood perfectly. Really great!!!

Pain—-What a perfect song title for Assemblage 23…it is all encompassing and deliberate! The music is a dark affair, wrought with moods and movements that match. The song is almost orchestrated in it’s grandeur and is a fitting close to a really great set of releases.

***** out of 5


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