Gary Numan/Pure

Pure, released in 2000, marked the true emergence of Numan into the Industrial music scene. The sound was harder, more aggressive and much darker than anything he has previously released. Numan has only progressed in the 9 years following this release. His live shows border on brutal and the sound of older songs are new and more progressive. This release was monumental for Numan and marked his re-emergence into the modern rock scene.

Pure—-From the onset, the music has a darker edge yet is somehow familiar. The onslaught that comes within the first 20 seconds is somewhat unexpected, but seems to wash over me like a breath of fresh air. The voice emerges and is comfortable and soothing. The disdain and the disgust almost overwhelms me …the music slows and then explodes with an unexpected urgency. This is Numan at his best and is not to be missed…Trent…eat your heart out!!!

Walking With Shadows—-Beginning with a sense of dread and slight noise, the music last a tad too long for the onset of the vocal…once it begins, Numan sounds like the characters of old. The sound is almost serene and peaceful, but the feeling is dashed upon the onset of the chorus. Numan delivers a vocal that is so full of pain and distrust that you can not escape the feeling. The ebbs and flows of the voice are masterful and deliver the mood incredibly well. Numan continues in his tirade against God…a theme that has become familiar to die hard fans. when Gary proclaims that innocence is pain in disguise, it shakes your very soul. this is incredible. The noise level is at 10 and the emotional level is at 1000.

Rip—-Full of effects and noise, the song reeks of early NIN, the influence of Reznor is all over the song. From the whisper of the vocal to the explosion of noise that is to follow utterly overwhelms you. The theme is strong on religion and the song has a surprising amount of melody despite all of the effects. Numan is in the best emotive voice that I have ever heard him and the ebbs and flows of the song provide a perfect landscape for him to display this. When he whispers of ripping the skin from God’s face, you wonder what has hurt him so badly.

One Perfect Lie—-Ushered in by a low, over powering hum, the song has a mood from the very onset. Numanemerges from the shadows and is quiet and subdued in his delivery. Again, the religious theme continues and he is not shy about shouting out loud his disdain for all things that concern God. The interesting thing is the slight guilt that comes across for his strong feeling of disbelief. This is a man full of contradictions and deep, deep feelings. To sit and talk with him would be a dream. The song is a dark, layered affair that matches the vocal to perfection. I love this release!!! When Numan wails “torn and guilty” over and over it makes you hurt.

My Jesus—-A dirge of machines begin the song, and sometimes it is hard to tell one composition from the other, the sound is that consistent. Numan emerges from the noise with a wail that reminds you of the classic days. The onslaught of vocal is deeply layered and double tracked. The ebbs and flows of the music constitute classic Industrial fare. When Numan screams “….I’m praying for my soul….” and the NIN styled keyboards enter the fray, you realize how hard the prayers are for him. This is intense and not intended for an evening of easy listening.

Fallen—-Piano heavy with a fanfare of atmosphere, the song begins in a subtle manner. It is not long before the tempo and the intensity increases. The vocal comes in and out…sounding like confused and tortured angels. The atmosphere is swirling in black lites and fog and quickly dissolves into…..

Listen To My Voice—-As Numan tries to convince us that God is a waste, he interjects subtle hints that perhaps he is not completely convinced. The whole concept of ‘black angels’. makes me think that Numan is sometimes afraid of his own disbelief and failure to understand Grace and the saving value of belief. The song is a pleasant musical journey into the sounds of heavily layered Industrial music, but the luric makes you think,,,and think hard. just what music was meant to do.

Prayer For The Unborn—-Rumored to be a ‘memorial song’ for his unborn child, this is a mystical sounding tome that gives the listener pause . the sound is machine generated and much in line with the rest of the release, the lyrics on the other hand are tender and full of sadness. Numan has never sounded more raw and exposed. This is a masterpiece!!!

Torn—-Again. the song begins as a layered noisy affair. The beat is constant and reminds you of classic Industrial sounds. Numan sounds like he has been waiting a lifetime to present these type of compositions, and the genre fits him incredibly well. the mood and the atmosphere wrap themselves around his voice and in turn you are enveloped in the pain and the disdain. this is artistry and mastery. Don’t miss it.

Little Invitro—-Another tender ballad that speaks of the loss Numan experienced while recording this CD. His hurt and disappointment tear at your psyche and hurt your heart. This is heartbreaking and more real than 99% of the music being produced today. When the song reaches it’s sonic peaks, the sadness sucks you in and leaves you devastated. This is pure artistry.

I Can’t Breathe—-The standout track on this release for me…what begins as an almost serene sound builds and builds in intensity. The chorus erupts and will leave you in a weeping pile of exhaustion. as the song begins, the noise is subtle and just buzzes around your skull…the noise begins…classic Industrial beats and whispering generated sounds. The vocal is a whispered affair that does not hold for long. When Numan proclaims at the very top of his lungs and very core of his soul that he is so scared he just can’t breathe, you gasp for him…you attempt resuscitation and you lay wasted after your failed attempt. This is true music!!!!

***** out of 5


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