Black Box-WaxTrax Records/The First 13 Years Part 3

Part 3:

Rubber Glove Seduction [PIP]—-What a grand name for a song, the musical delivery does not disappoint either. The song is driven forward by a nice bass beat anbd the vocal is a classic monotone delivery that reminds one of the classic 80’s. This is almost pure perfection. the obscene ideas in your brain when the vocalist murmurs “….this is just the way I walk….”

No Name. No Slogan [Acid Horse]—-Driven by an undeniably catchy synth line, the song builds and builds as it progresses. The vocal is very reminiscent of classic Depeche Mode, minus the emotion. I suspect this band must follow in that same realm of ideology, and the result is fantastic. This is really great!!!

What Time Is Love?  [The KLF]—-Shame on me for not even knowing that this band was once signed to WAXTRAX! The legends of the KLF are to numerous for me to go into in one blog entry. They covered the gamut of recordings, but mostly settled comfortably in the dance music realm. The inclusion is a surprise to me. The band received many instances of worldwide celebrity simply because of their sampling habits…but that is another entry all in itself. This is a great reminder of why we loved this band and still thirst for new material from them. Kick Out The Jams Motherfucker!!!!!!

Silicon Jesus [Psychosonik]—-A brilliant dance infuse, Industrial tinged romp that just oozes the late night dance scene. This is deep house that maintainsa level of integrity through manipulation and layers of sound. This is exquisite and brings back many memories.

Cuz It’s Hot [My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult]—-Striving to be as large and as in charge as KMFDM. this band never seemed to garner the mainstream attention that it sought. The music is undeniably catchy and machine generated. The inclusion of heavy female vocals may have very well been the bands downfall. The Industrial scene never seemed to allow the inclusion of female members…sexist as we are. The sound of the movement needed that darker heavier sound.

Do You Fear [For Your Child] [My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult]—-This particular song seemsto delve even more into the darker realms of the Industrial movement. Despitethe overwhelming female vocals, the sound is complete and machine generated. This is classic Industrial/Goth art at it’s best. I particularly have a fondness for this track. Masterful!!!

Gerbert Einer Nation [Laibach]—-Wonderfully Industrial!!!! This is better than the best Rammstein track that ever was. This is the best Kraut Industrial Metal that I have ever heard. Relish in it, there will never be another.

God O.D. [Meat Beat Manifesto]—-One of the leaders in the community of Industrial godfathers, this particular track seemsfull of dance riffs that are hard to equalt with the eventual realms of the band. I was at once disappointed with this, although it must admit that it has grown on me.

Mindblower [Fred]—-Beginning as an overly orchestrated affair, the song develops a beat that is not to be denied. The heaviness that is supplied bu=y the guitar is a pleasant surprise and the real joy enters the fray once the manipulated vocal begins. This is wonderfully catchy and not to be ignored.

I.C. Waters [Psychic TV]—-Behind Throbbing Gristle, this was perhapsthe premier experimental Industrial band of the modern era. The vocal is quite different than what you would expect. It is a pleasant, pleasing sort of affair. This only proves the Genesis was far more capable of pop masterpieces than he was given credit for. This is an undeniable pop masterpiece that should be heard…BY YOU!!!!

Me & My Ding Dong [Pankow]—-Much more in the realm of modern Industrial/Dance rhythms, the vocal is foreign and the beat catchy. The momentum of the song is at a nice pace and the synth keeps the song from becoming stagnant. Quasi German accents add to the flavor. Very Nice.

The Name Game [Divine]—-Perhaps the most famous female impersonator in modern history, Divine gained great fame through the films of shock filmmaker John Waters. Who knew that he/she was signed to WAXTRAX? The song is a HUGE campy affair that was long before Ru Paul even thought of putting on a well flitting dress. This is camp at it’s best…Industrial……I DON’T THINK SO.

*** out of 5



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