The Stone Roses/Second Coming

UK Psychedelic Saviors who released their debut in 1989 [See Review: The Stone Roses/5-25-2009] and then, because of label lawsuits with Independent Record company Silvertone, took an agonizingly 5 years for their follow-up. For any Roses fan, this 2nd release was brilliant and masterful. To the unrelenting British Press, this release could never live up to the expectations….at least, despite their demise. we are left 

Breaking Into Heaven—-A wonderful excursion into the psychedelic, acid infused world of Great Britain at the time. E was the drug of choice and the deeply layer sounds and the swirling interludes that rise above your head are clear indications. Once the music begins, about the three minute mark, you are sweat drenched and aching for the vocals of Brown….and you are well rewarded. This 910 minute opus builds to a slow birth and likewise dies an agonizing death. In between is pure nirvana. The vocal is subdued and the chorus is an irresistible reminder of why we love the Roses so much. This should be played often and loud. Send your party on an interesting journey!!!!

Driving South—-Beginning rather noisy and layered, the song has a deep feeling that is accentuated by the upfront drums. Brown is reduced to a mere whisper at times when he sings, but the melody in his voice is catchy and immediate. The lyrics speak to me of the alienation and disregard for personal respect that the music brings. The track is a noisy affair, but one that I love to return to. John Squire had a way with a musical hook that has been repeated by few. This is really great!!!

Ten Storey Love Song—-Perhaps, in my opinion, the Roses at their very best! This one song encompasses every little sound from the debut that made it so fantastic. The vocal harmonies and the guitar manipulations take you to a place you have never been. This is why I love this band…this is magical and to never be forgotten.

Daybreak—-The segues directly from the previous into a almost blues tinged psychedelic romp through drug land. The overture is clear……daybreak is when most of the E Heads appear. The song has a down and dirty feel to it that is a once dancy and trippy…a perfect combination for the paint clad band. WONDERFUL!!!!!

Your Star Will Shine—-Damn near acoustic, a direst reflection on the McCartney/Lennonrelationship, the song holds a strong 60’s vibe. The vocals at times, are overlayed, giving them even more texture and emotion. This is brilliant, the chorus//if you call it that…is very 60’s inspired andalways…..always puts a smile on my face. The harmonies are impeccable and not to be missed

Straight To The Man—-Funky and cool, the song is another psychedelic fueled romp through the funkier parts of town. The vocal is subtle and subdued, the bass, and the percussive elementsof the song stand pout in the front of the mix. Very nice…obscure…but nice!

Begging You—-Noisy and heavily layered, the song has a really dense sound. The vocal is an almost noisy affair, one which surprises you at the first few listens. Brown has that trademark sound that I never tire of….in studio magicians can do wonders…I would never pay to see this man live…I have seen to many recordings of his!!!! All in all, an interesting trip to the darker side of psychedelia.

Tightrope—-WOW WOW WOW!!!! This is brilliant and beautiful. I can;t believe they got Ian to sing in tune without music, but the result they got is an inspiring beautiful little ditty that would make Oasis proud. This is marvelous!!!! Listen….I told you so.

Good Times—-When a song features harmonica and blues guitar at the intro, you know that you are in for an interesting exercise. The song eventually opens up into full fledged pycho blues flavored affair that makes you want to boogie and shoe gaze all at once. This is marvelous, like recess at lunchtime…wonderful!!!

Tears—-This is pure euphoric psychedelic blues that you can not help but trip too when you are stone cold sober. This is THAT good. The groove is an easy and breezy day on Main Street….a fun day of tubing on the lake…a wonderful picnic…ALONE…pure ecstasy! When the chorus open up, it consumes you and darkens your mood…no worries, sunshine is in the interlude jam that follows. Masterful!!!!

How Do You Sleep?—-A bit more guitar infused, but layered in sound none the less. The vocal is masterfully delivered and the mood is slight in atmosphere. Brown delivers a really emotive vocal that is really bought to life by the lyrics. The song has a great sing along chorus to it that I never tire of. This is really fantastic.

Love Spreads—-A noisy, layered,psychedelic affair to round out the release that was to be the last. The band was tighter than it had ever been, the vocal was much improved and harmonious,,,the sound was more experimental…all the sound of implosion. If I knew then that it was to be the last, I would have fallen in love with it more quickly. This is a band at it’s best, and the sound of a band falling apart…..I’M SAD!

****1/2 out of 5


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