Silverstein/A Shipwreck In The Sand

Silverstein are a Canadian Post-Hardcore band from Ontario. Formed in 2000, the bands name is a direct reference to children’s author Shel Silverstein. The band has released 4 studio full-lengths to date, their latest , A Shipwreck In The Sand was released in March 2009.

Chapter One: It Burns Within Us All

A Great Fire—-Beginning with an almost pretty sound, the quiet is broken by the heavy onslaught of drums and power chords. The vocals are great, albeit a little predictable. The screamo edge is strong, but are mixed with a nice melodic clean vocal that plays magically with the music. This is powerful and driving.

Vices [Featuring Liam Cormier]—-Powerfully driven by great drums, and a heavy aggressive guitar, the vocals are a nice mix of aggression and melody. This plays so well with the music that serves as the backdrop. The play of the band seems incredibly tight and the listener gets the impression these folks get along rather well. This is well structured and masterfully delivered.

Broken Stars—-The song has the strong aroma of Emo…the vocal has a slight nasal whine that makes you think of New Found Glory. The song is packed by an extremely tight musical delivery…this is awesome!!

Chapter Two: Liars, Cheaters and Thieves

American Dream—-Magical and completely different, the song is mostly filled with a clean vocal that is damn pleasant. The music keeps a slight aggression, but is more toned down. This is nice and shows a lot of diversity. Excellent.

Their Lips Sink Ships—-This is a surprise, obviously Chapter 2 was meant to be a tad more sedate…this is a nice interlude that leads into….

I Knew I Couldn’t Trust You—-A nice return to form of sorts….the song has a real poppy punk feel to it that runs the danger of being a little to generic, but plays well to the Warped crowd. The song features a really nice soaring guitar and a nice line of melody that makes me love this band with each progressive listen.

Born Dead [Featuring Scott Wade]—-Heavier and more aggressive in sound, the music just swallows your head with the intensity. The vocals are really brutal, mired in with some nice clean lines as well. The song moves at an incredible pace. I love this bands energy.

Chapter Three: Fight Fire With Fire

A Shipwreck In The Sand—-Emerging from the fog, the song is introduced with a spoken word that tells a story all of it’s own. The music is heavily layered and with a great sense of melody. The vocal is passable, but verging on sameness…I need some more screaming at this point. Don’t get me wrong…this is not a throwaway track by any means.

I Am The Arsonist—-Yessss!!! A nice return to the aggression and vivid vocal. This song again features a nice vocal switch off that I really like. The drummer of this band is just incredible, and the guitars are not half bad either!!! The song moves at an incredible speed and just lights up the speakers.

You’re All I Have—-With a nice subtle guitar line, the drums are in the fore front of the mix and sound even more powerful. The vocal is clean but more aggressive and emotive. This is paradise…..I need to get the other three releases from this band!

Chapter Four: Death And Taxes

We Are Not The World—-With an odd guitar sound at the onset, the drums again are masterful. The vocal is a return to a trade off style that beefs up the sound of the song to incredible levels. This is primo stuff….I LOVE THIS BAND!!!

A Hero Loses Everyday—-Although the musical landscape is very aggressive, the vocal is a little too relaxed. the lyrics are great and paint a wonderfully bleak picture. This is a great track.

The Tide Raises Every Ship—-A wonderful musical interlude that proves this band is made of pure talent..too short, the song leads into…

The End [Featuring Lights]—-Continuing in the almost acoustic vein of the last song, the guitar is a beautiful almost Spanish styled affair. the lyrics are emotive, descriptive and made of the heartache people of any age can relate to. A fantastic end to a masterful release. This will be a favorite of mine for quite sometime!!

***** out of 5


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