Erasure/POP! The First 40 Hits Part 2

Disc Two:

Always—-Continuing in the long history of slower dance flavored hits, this particular song is lush and layered. The music has many elements, the synth line, the constant bass, the machine generated orchestration. The vocal soars in a pleasant manner and convinces you that the band and it;s flow is still going strong.

Run To The Sun—-A return to the hyper kinetic Euro-Disco that I embrace with my whole heart. This song travels at an incredible pace, while bell delivers a slower vocal line that just seems to magically meld to the beats. This is pure pop material. Love this!!!

I Love Saturday—-Poppy and happy in sound, the song seems to find all the stars in line and the hearts in the right place. This is a nice snappy almost euphoric journey into pop perfection. Bell has never sounded better, and as technology kept improving, Clarke was snapping it up and using it.

Stay With Me—-Piano heavy and filled with melancholy, this release marked a change for Erasure as they explored more ambient, and atmospheric sounds with the occasional synth pop classic thrown in for good measure. The whole of this particular album was much more organic and basic and to me worked with incredible ease. I love this!

Fingers & Thumbs [Cold Winter’s Day]—-Included. and released as a single, from the same release as the previous song. This was out of place on a release that was filled with a serious and earthy tone. None the less, the band proved they had much more dance floor mayhem up their sleeves and delivered wonderfully with this proof.

Rock Me Gently—-Continuing in the more organic sound of this self titled release, erasure proved to everyone what they were capable of. Many die hard fans of the group dismissed this release as a ‘whatever’….I return to this release over and over. I love the pure feel to it, the nakedness of the vocal and the minimal textured sounds. This is wonderful!

In My Arms—-Again. more sedate and with a slight blues tinge. the song has lots of nice headphone blips and beeps that are hidden among the lush production of the track. Bell is rather sedate lyrically, but the result is beautiful.

Don’t Say Your Love Is Killing Me—-Beginning a tad bit sedate, the song opens up by the second measure into a classic Erasure dance floor romp. The synths are so heavy and layered with odd sounds, and Bell delivers a vocal that seems as if it was just begging to be let loose. Classic yet fresh!!!

Rain [Al StoneMix]—-Again. a true return to form that shows Clarke at his best…delivering bass, synth and lots of odd blips and bleeps. This is great stuff, as if the band stepped back 10 years in time. The vocal delivery is as strong as ever, and seems as if Bell got over his diagnosis and decided to keep on keeping on…as many of us do every day. Congratulations.

Freedom—-From the excellent Love-boat CD that never got released in the US….took me two years to finally nail this in my collection, and it is PRIMO!!! The band introduced the SHOCKING concept of including electronic music with real instruments and the label execs ran with their tales between their legs….little did they know that it could work so well. An under appreciatedand un heard classic.

Moon and The Sky [JC’s Heaven Scent Radio Re-Work]—-Although a tad more sedate, the musicdelivers a hyper pace. The vocal is one of inspiration and joy and just makes you want to dance. The bass beat takes over all of your limbs and moves you to total indiscretion. Wonderful!!! DAMN!!!

Solsbury Hill—-A masterful reworking of the Peter Gabriel classic, Erasure manages to refresh, re work and re claim the song as their own. This was a wonderful job complete and was included on their covers release Other People’s Songs. The released version almost sounds like a brand new song.

Make Me Smile [Come Up And See Me]—-Another entry from the afore mentioned release, The song is a joyous and romantic ode to the feelings of new love and the joy it brings. The delivery by Bell is fantastic and the synth lines are subtle yet powerful enough to make you dance your ass off.

Breathe—-The song has a decidedly blues feel to it once the vocal begins. The production nd vocal over lays are at an all time high and the result is a deeply layerd and dense ode to love that hits an impossible impasse. Fantastic!!!

Don’t Say You Love Me—-Wonderful just for the bass line and the synoptic synth lines. Not to mention the outstanding and crystal clear vocals of Bell. This is like the old days…or a continuation of something you always rely on!

Here I Go Impossible Again—-Yet another masterful synth driven love song that looses neither the dance grooves or the sentiment. the band has a huge ability to mix the two worlds together and rarely falters, in my book. This is wonderful and masterfully delivered.

I Could Fall In Love With You—-Awash from the onset with a large and opulent sound, the vocal begins and the bass picks up. The song is another classic romp through the romantic wilderness of Bell and the fiery heat of Clarke’s synth lines. This is good, good stuff.

Sunday Girl—-Again, the sound of the song is huge. The synth lines are layered upon other sounds, and you ears are on high alert. This is wonderfully reminiscent of the classic 90’s eras Erasure that just makes you want to dance and sweat. Very nice!!!

Storm In A Teacup—-Layered and with the vocal moved to the back of the mix somewhat, the song has a different feel. The musical landscape is dense and has a deep sound. The vocal soars at points, but seems to be placed underneath the music for most of the song.

Always [2009 Mix]—-Borrowing much from the original, and adding little to the ‘new’, this new mix keeps most of all the basic elements in line with the original version. Nice but not entirely necessary.

**** out of 5


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