Erasure/Total POP! The First 40 Hits Part Three

Disc Three:

Spiralling [The Circus Tour 1987]—-Incredibly clear and concise, the ability of this group to transpose the recorded material to the stage in brilliant. The song is a nice ballad with a huge sweeping sound, and Bell delivers a masterful vocal.

The Hardest Part [The Innocents Tour 1988]—-The sound of the recording is deep and rich, the background vocals add a lot of umph to the live sound. The music seems a little subdued, and Bell has a vocal that is almost too loud, but overall this ballad style rave up is masterful.

Drama! [The Wild! Tour 1989]—-Incredible in the level of energy and the reaction of the crowd alone. The vocal is outstanding and pure without over post production. The background vocalist add a nice flavor to an absolute classic Erasure track!

Knocking On Your Door [The Wild! Tour 1989]—-Taken from the Crackers International EP, the song remains a fan favorite. The song is energetic and plays live very well. Almost sounding live vintage Yaz, the music is very 80’s inspired and hyper. The sound of the crowd reaction is infectious and Bell delivers a great live vocal.

Push Me Shove Me [The Wild! Tour 1990]—-A tad bit of a bluesy edge plays very well on this song and the noise of the crowd is great. The synth lines are sublime and practised. The vocal is again reminiscent of Allison Moyet, but that is not a bad thing. This is great!

Voulez-Vous [The Phantasmagorical Entertainment Tour 1992]—-Eliciting a huge crowd response, I know why…I clearly remember the spectacle that this tour was…..can you say over the top? The sound of the song is huge and full of texture and layers. The energy plays so well on a live stage…this is an incredible moment captured in time….fantastic.

Am I Right? [The Phantasmagorical Entertainment Tour 1992]—-Retaining every note of the original and adding a larger more lush feeling to it, this song is wonderfully delivered in this setting. The vocal is damn near perfect and sounds like a studio version. This is true talent! Great!!!

Heart Of Stone [The Phantasmagorical Entertainment Tour 1992]—-A wonderful medium paced joint that moves at a fairly good pace as it develops. Bell preforms with his back up vocalist very well and the sound is a tad bit different than the studio version but sounds masterful.

Who Needs Love Like That [The Tiny Tour 1996]—-This song plays live very well. This live version has a more bass heavy updated sound that gives the song even more energy. Bell sounds in great vocal form and the falsetto plays really well with his back up vocalists.

Rain [The Cowboy Tour 1997]—-A track from the excellent underplayed and underappreciated Cowboy CD, the song is energetic and classic. Bell has a great vocal and Clarke has all this machine generated dance stuff down to a science. This is wonderful!!!

Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime [From The EIS Christmas Concert 2002]—-Taken from the covers CD Other People’s Songs, the Erasure version of this torch classic has just enough synth and camp to become a true Erasure classic. This plays wonderfully well…the sound is fantastic and the lush arrangement is perfect.

Piano Song [From the Other Tour 2003]—-The song has a tad too deep of a sound, but the piano is beautiful. the vocal seems a little overstated, but is still passable. The audience participation just conveys the love the fans have for this group.

Hideaway [From The Erasure Show 2005]—-The audience goes absolutely nuts for this classic and Bell plays off of the crowd and delivers what they crave. This is a classic from the very early days of the group and it still manages to sound as fresh as it did at the time of it’s origin. This is a nice trip back in time…Love It!!!

Breathe [Acoustic] [From The Acoustic Tour 2006]—-Stripped down and almost bare, Bell has the opportunity to truly let his vocal shine and he does just that. The song follows the trend for the band at the time and has a soft country flair to it that works really well. This is a nice twist on a classic.

Oh L’Amour [From Light At The End Of The World Tour 2007]—-Any experience to see Erasure preform this track live is a treat and this live version shows you why. Bell is in perfect voice and when the synth lines erupt, the crowd grows maniacal and the entire place turns into a giant feel good rave up. This is masterful and the voice is what makes it so. Truly a treat.

****1/2 out of 5


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