Macabre/Murder Metal

Macabre are an Extreme Metal Band from Chicago, Illinois. Formed in 1985, and signed to Decomposed Records, the band consists of three consistent members: Corporate Death, Nefarious and Dennis The Menace. The band combines all elements of metal music….Thrash, Death Metal and Grind Core. The band places a strong focus on Serial Killers and Mass Murderers. The band has released 8 proper studio recordings…..their latest released in 2003.

Acid Bath Vampire—-The song begins with what sounds like some electronically made sounds, but quickly dissolves into a flourish of classic sounding Thrash metal. The vocal is a sinister mess which complements the deep dirge of bass in the song. The lyrics are as you would expect…sometimes so grotesque that you have to laugh at them. The song develops onto a nursery styled recitation of death and evil. This is fantastic…..very laughable, but brutal and heavy at the same time.

Dying To Be With Me—-With a brilliant showcase of bass guitar and blistering leads, the vocal enters in an odd almost squeal that tales tales of horror and mayhem. The chorus is a lean vocal again set to a sing song type delivery that makes you think of a nursery rhyme. Like Cannibal Corpse, you have to be in the right frame of mind when you listen to this and know that it is not literal but shocking. This is a nice classic metal/thrash track.

Fatal Foot Fetish—-Now, what kind of song title is that? You know that you are in for a trip of a song. The vocal is deeper and more guttural, the music is faster and more sinister in sound. The twin vocals add a nice touch to the over all feel of the song. The lyrical content takes practised listening to understand at all, but this is great musically.

The Hillside Strangler—-The bass level of this guitar is amazing!!!! The vocal switches between a nice deep delivery and an amazing, sometimes annoying squeal. The song travels at an amazing speed and the tale is one we are familiar with. This band has a fascination with everything BAD….when the band sings in unison,,,,”We’re gonna strangle you and leave you on the hillside…..”, you just have to shake your head.

Dorthea’s Dead Folks Home—-More lead guitar oriented, the song tells the tale of a nurse who killed old people at a nursing home. The song has an evil sound just for the music alone. The drums are way too removed from the mix though and need to be louder. All in all..a great time!!!

The Iceman—-I’ve seen numerous documentaries about the iceman…a serial killer who was aptly named simply because of his lack of emotion. Appropriately, this song has a brutal yet caustic tone to it that just stirs up vivid images of the interviews that have been aired of this man. This is great imagery put to music.

Poison—-Of course!!!! What better way to kill right? The musical landscape of this song is classic old-school thrash that reminds you of bands like Possessed. The song has a hilarious sing song chorus that just can’t escape the brutal musical delivery.

Werewolf Of Bedbug—-Beginning slightly orchestrated, the song dissolves into a bass heavy tirade of the tale of the werewolf that had a thirst for man. The vocal switches back and forth from a deep death call to a squeaky delivery that makes you grin. This is really good musically, and after a time…scary enough…the vocal begins to grow on you.

Morbid Minister—-Wow!!! Pure and powerful thrash..the song seems like a wall of sound. The bass player moves so fast, it is hard to keep up. The vocal is a really nice mix, although the lyrics are almost incomprehensible. Still, you manage to catch the drift of the song and it is not anything good!!!

Man Eater—-Much more lead guitar oriented, the drums actually seem a tad bit more pronounced on this track and they are excellent!!! The vocal is more of the same, an admirable switch off of two styles that work really well for this band. The music is an aggressive, crunchy metal fueled mess of mayhem that will make you rock for days.

Diary Of Torture—-With a very odd intro, the song jumps into another really bass heavy tirade of death and mayhem. The vocal is again a mix of evil and humorous sing song styled nursery rhyme. What is impressive about this track is the level and speed of the bass. This song literally crunches with the bass…and switches back and forth from over powering to non existent in just a moment. Incredible!!!

Jack The Ripper—-A very melodic bass line is present from the onset, and pervades through much of the song. The vocal seems less laughable and more sinister on this track and the song moves at a nice pace. The wall of sound that comes from this three piece band is pretty impressive. The vocal is less squeal and more evil…one that I prefer.

Fritz Haaman Der Metzger—-Beginning with some atmosphere and entering into an odd fable like backdrop, the song then offers up some interesting acoustic guitar!!! WTF!!!! But have no fear…..mayhem is just around the next note and begins with a sinister edge. The sound is huge and thank the Lord, the drums are brought out from the back of the mix. This is a HUGE song and the sound is excellent. I don’t know anything about the person this band has chosen to compose an ode about, but you can be rest asured he was not a good person. the vocal is hyper fast and the band just propels the song along and dares the vocalist to kepp up. A great finish to a very interesting release.

**** out of 5


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