Bat For Lashes/Two Suns

Natasha Khan aka Bat For Lashes is a British Alternative Rock Musician. She is schooled in vocal delivery, guitar, harpsichord and piano. Khan is a two time Mercury Prize nominee and has placed two releases in the British top 20. Two Suns is her second full length release.

Glass—-The song begins with a slight hum and an overwhelming and achingly beautiful vocal. The music swells slowly, taking on atmosphere and substance. The vocal reminds me of a toned down Kate Bush from the very onset. The musical arrangement has a slight ambiance with powerful percussion. This is eclectic and beautiful.

Sleep Alone—-With a musical delivery that could belong to fellow Brit Beth Orton, the song has a slight folky feel to it that still includes a level of electronica. The maracas are a nice touch and the gentle shake of them is at the front of the mix. This is great stuff.

Moon And Moon—-The song delivers a masterful piano sound and the vocal again conjures up images of Kate Bush. The sound and delivery is that eclectic as well. Not as electronic as Laurie Anderson, the music does bring to mind that experimental edge. This is a nice listen for those nights after a sweaty dance filled night at the club. A beautiful cool down…slow and gentle.

Daniel—-A Britishtop 10 hit for Khan, the song literally reeks of swirls and atmosphere. The vocal is achingly beautiful and almost brings to mind the classic vocals of Dolores O’Riordan. The song picks up to wonderful tempo by the second bar and allows us to actually dance a tad. The vocal is a breathy, whispered affair that smells of the prettiest flower or the nicest spring day. Wonderful!!!

Piece Of Mind—-Featuring, what I assume to be, a nicely strummed harpsichord. The song has a certain Celtic strain to it that fits the vocal of Khan very nicely. The vocal additions of singers give the song a nice international flair that works beautifully with the music. This is really great stuff!!!

Siren Song—-Stripped almost bare from the onset, the piano is a sweet instrument that makes your brain weep withemotion. The hole feel of the song is of desolation and loneliness. The chorus ushers in a larger sound, but the feeling pervades throughout the song. Despite the sometimes grand sound and the occasional drowning out of vocals, the song has a feeling that will not leave you for a time.

Pearl’s Dream—-This track features a dancier beat, but the loneliness and vulnerability of the vocal still pervades the overall feel of the song. I love how the gentleness stays throughout,but I yearn for her to let loose with a yell or angry tone sometimes.

Good Love—-The song is ushered in with a nice organ sound that gives it an immediate haunting feel. The vocal is again, an almost whispered affair that conjures up more feelings of isolation and desolation. The double track on the second verse gives the song a deep level of atmosphere that almost seems like a hum throughout. This is beautiful and lonely.

Two Planets—-An odd vocal entry and a bombastic bass drum, the song has the same feeling as the rest of the release. If there is to be a fault with this release, it is simply the sameness of the sound. The ambiance of the track is overwhelming andit is hard o find any happiness in this release. Still, a wonderful excursion.

Travelling Woman—-The vocal of the song seems to be a little more forceful than on previous tracks, and it is a welcome change. The song has a slight bit of anger to it and it fits nicely into the mix of things. At times, the voice fades off into a quiet delivery, but comes back strong and with a nice edge. Very nice!!!

The Big Sleep—-Rounding out the release much as it started, the song features a male vocal that I find very distasteful. I really do not care for this track…it has way too much of a Broadway feel for me.

***1/2 out of 5


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