Living In Oblivion/The 80’s Greatest Hits Vol. 5

Thanks for featuring my entries!!!!

Disc 5:

Major Tom [Coming Home] [Peter Schilling]—-I can remember how this song stirred my interest in everything Bowie when I was a freshman in college…now all these years later and the proud owner of about 60 Bowie releases….I have only the 80’s to blame. This composition is a magnificent and huge sounding excursion into space that is magically transposed onto the data tape of a recording studio. A wonderful and magical one hit wonder.

Hyperactive [Thomas Dolby]—-A clear example that the genius extends far beyond the one hit wonder status…of course if you could partake in the entire catalog of Dolby, you would know instantly of the genius that is the man. This single only proves the point that he was way before his time, skilled on machines beyond belief and a god father to the Electronic movement. This is magnificent!!!!

Promises, Promises [Naked Eyes]—-A clear example of why you cannot stick this band in the One Hit Wonder club. It is not their fault that we as Americans were to daft to take hold of their sound. This is magnificent…danceable yet distant…cold yet overwhelmingly warm……empty but brimming with emotion. Wonderful!!!!

The Promise [When In Rome]—-Thanks to Tracy…..I learned to LOVE this song because it was a favorite of yours. The song begins with an overwhelming emotional feel that you can not escape. The synth is over powering and the vocal is full of emotion and heaviness. The feel of the song just reeks of top 40o masterpiece. This is a beautiful song that never grows old…the momentum of the song will not leave you alone and the detached vocal just makes you more intrigued. This is fantastic!!!

Vienna [Ultravox]—-My vote for one of the best pop songs ever written. This is an opus in 4 minutes or less. The vocal is cold and calculated yet full of some kind of desperate emotion that you grab for when you are drowning. The layers of music only add to the desperationof the song. The voice only intensifies as the song develops and you are left hollow and aching…this is incredible!!!

Enola Gay [Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark]—-Perhaps the best known song from this band..well, except for “If You Leave “…..this song had a social statement and was a quirky yet relevant excursion into heavy synth pop. The track was incredibly danceable and few people realizing what the song was about.

King In A Catholic Style [China Crisis]—-Yet another track that carried a socially conscious message that got lost behind the synth and the pleasant vocal delivery. The song has a heavy level of emotion, but the poppy music overwhelms the message and turns it into a feel good track.

Steady [Jules Shear]—-An almost bluesy intro into the world of synth. The song is a pleasant, sexy romp into the fringes of soul and R N B….this is seductive and sexy…I really like this….

Our Lips Are Sealed [The Fun Boy Three]—-Most people attribute this song to California New Wavers The Go-Go’s, but be rest assured, these were the architects  of the original and the fun is apparent even in their toned down version. Great re visit to a classic that got done and redone.

Pleasure And Pain [Divinyls]—-Early cross over hit for the shock new wavers that would hit the US charts years later…the band only proves here that they paid their dues.

Birds Fly [Whisper To A Scream] {The Icicle Works]—-I can tell you from personal experience, that nothing this band ever recorded sounded like this song…it is an anomaly that was never to be repeated. The band, as a nature is much more punk oriented and aggressive…this hit was a fluke that remains one of my favorite songs to this very day. The song moves at an incredible drum fueled pace that is magnificent…this is one of a kind.

The Honeythief [Hipsway]—-another one of those bands that were never able to transfer their success to the US. This is a wonderful release and a mainstay in any ones collection that takes the 80’s seriously. This is a nice jazz/R N B infused track that just reeks of slickness.

Souvenir [Rubber Rodeo]—-The song features both male and female vocals…both of which are very catchy and pleasant. The song moves at a nice pace and makes you really glad that you are able to experience it. This is nice, I love the harmonies and the great synth mixed with the live instruments.

I Wanna Be A Cowboy [Boys Don’t Cry]—-One of the most stupid and sexually improper songs ever recorded…I’m ashamed that I have a copy of it…..

The Captain Of Her Heart [Double]—-Ok…. I know someone else did this song, but the name escapes me now….Bryan Ferry? …..anyways, a smooth and seductive song that makes you feel sexy if only for the piano and sax alone. This is wonderful. I love it!!!

When Your Heart Is Weak [Cock Robin]—-Again, the song begins rather sedate and takes on a more synth oriented beat by the first bar. The vocal is emotive and intense, the music driving the emotion to higher and higher levels. This is magnificent, another band I did not know, but do now. Great!

Love Changes [Climie Fischer]—-Nicely infused with a synth line that fits into the 80’s, and a vocal that makes me think of Rod Stewart from the very first note. The song reminds me of that whole time, and perhaps he remade this song at one point or another. None the less, the vocal is top notch and the music fits nicely into the 80’s genre.

More Than Physical [Bananarama]—-The song is driven by a huge and powerful synth line that just makes you feel sexy and dancy. The vocal is breathy and seductive. This is nice, I remember the awe that it brought to the dance floor upon the chorus…very nice and a tad bit ahead of its time.

Vanity Kills [ABC]—-A seductive and smooth delivery just builds on the reputation of the suave Gentlemen. This is a wonderful song that is full of layers and glimmer. Fry delivers a vocal that is both seductive and condescending…wonderful!!!!

We Close Our Eyes [Go West]—-The band would go on to become sweethearts of the US charts for a time, but it was fleeting and not meant to last. The sound of the band varied very little and perhaps that was the downfall, This is nice, but too predictable.

***1/2 out of 5


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