New Order/Substance Disc 2

Disc 2:

In A Lonely Place—-This song is a return to the more morose and early days of the band. The vocal is eerie and makes you think of Curtis immediately. The band, unsure of where the sound was gong, tried to stay true to the band that they had all started together. The result, with this song, is a really atmospheric heart-achingly, depressed excursion into the pains of the band. This is heavy, yet quite beautiful and catchy.

Procession—-Again, full of atmosphere from the onset, the song travels the span of headphones in a masterful way. The drum kicks in and we are on a journey that shows again, the band’s progression. This is a catchy melody with an imperfect vocal that adds charm. The bass line is powerful and the drums seem to be at the front of the mix. This is a great early band recording that is really nice to revisit.

Mesh—-Coming from a swirl of sound, the song is yet another return to the more morose recordings of the band……but without a doubt masterful. The vocal is wonderfully hollow and the bass line is accented by nice keyboards swishes and bass drum beats. This is a wonderful journey back into time that should not be missed.

Hurt—-Bass and synth heavy, the song has a deepness that is hard to shake. The higher keyboard pitches don’t even dispel the feelings of darkness that permeate the song. The vocal is a very odd…almost punky delivery. The sound of the vocal is muted as well and gives the whole song an odd feel. Not one of my favorites, but good none the less.

The Beach—-Ok….whatever. The track listing says The Beach….but this is just a pro-acted, never ending remix of Bizarre Love Triangle. At any rate, it is a great remix and I love hearing it…the basic elements are the same, but the song grows with a nice robotic vocal delivery that melds with the music perfectly.

Confusion [Instrumental]—-Recorded in an almost dub form, the song does give us little vocal snippets of the original. The elements of the song remain the same, but all traces of the bass line are replaced by synth and keys. This is nice to mix with the original, but by itself just does not go anywhere.

Lonesome Tonight—-Very guitar based, the song has a nice bass line [surprise] and some added synth effects that make the sound a little larger than it would be. The vocal is slight in delivery and a tad bit off key…wonderful!!! I love it when an artist will show vulnerability and imperfection. The song swirls nicely. reminding you again of the early days of the band. This is magnificent!

Murder—-Heavy on drums and intermittent swirls of synth, the song slowly builds in its intensity. The bass enters before long and the song takes on an almost free for all atmosphere, with sounds coming at you from all directions. There are interesting soundbites and disturbing snips of sound…this is different and almost experimental in sound. Nicely done Blokes!!!

Thieves Like Us [Instrumental]—-This is a nice dubbed up version of the original found on the previous disc. Keeping all the important elements of the original, the song manages to highlight the key parts of the song in an extended version. The synth lines are magnificent and Hook even gets a go as his solo’s are pronounced and louder. This is a nice almost trance like version that really works well with the original tone of the song.

Kiss Of Death—-Adopting all the best elements of the band is not an easy task, but the band does very well on this track of doing just that. The song is a magnificent journey through the time-line of New Order. Really wonderful…I love this track.

Shame Of The Nation—-A re-working of the single ‘State Of The Nation’, the song seems to put a heavy emphasis on the background female vocals that gives it a nice soulful feel. The song is full of dub effects and the emotional vocals of Sumner. This is a classic re working of a great track. Very nice.

1963—-Another new song recorded for this compilation, at the time it was a favorite track of mine. I love how the song seems to include all of this instrumentation….now I know it is just added synth effects. The song is not a pleasant story, as it unfolds before your eyes…rare for this band. I always get a slight uneasy feeling when i listen to this song as Sumner pleads Johnny not to point that gun at him….very unsettling but incredibly real…all set to some very danceable music. How sublime!!

**** out of 5


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