….And You Will Know Us By The The Trail Of The Dead/The Century Of Self

….And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead are classified as an Art Rock band. Formed in 1994, and from Austin, Texas, the band has endured numerous line up changes and record label disruptions. Despite the difficulties, the band has continued to produce quality releases and consistent work. The Century Of Self is the band’s 6th studio release.

The Giants Causeway—-A grand musical interlude, the music swells with a huge introduction. The layers are magnificent and the mood is somber and relevant…wonderful!!!!

The Far Pavilions—-Metallic and layered, the vocal has the slight punk sty lings of many Emo bands popular today…the one thing that sets them apart is the heavily layered sound o the music and the experimental edge that gives them a fresh and unique sound. This is magnificent…full of energy, angst and upheaval all in one chorus. Magnificent!

Isis Unveiled—-This song has a huge, huge guitar line that is accented by masterful keyboards and rhythm. This is a wonderful example of how different one band can sound from one track to the next. The scope of the song is a huge almost orchestrated extravaganza that builds and builds to a climax that is unforgettable. This is absolutely wonderful. The best noise at the best level presented in the best way.

Halcyon Days—-The vocal begins from the very first note of the song and is masterful. The guitar deliveries propel the song and force the vocal to emote the wonderful delivery that you expect from this band. The harmonies and melodies are almost laden with British melodies and deliveries. By far, a favorite of mine. Layers and layers of sound make this song lush and brutal, beautiful and noisy.

Bells Of Creation—-More subdued from the onset. you are greeted by a gentle piano that grows to include the other instruments of the band at a gradual manner. The vocal again makes you think of the great showgaze  bands of the 90’s, but still sounding fresh and unique at the same time. This is magical and wonderful. Do not miss this excellent slightly psychedelic journey!!

Fields Of Coal—-Wonderfully layered with an admirable and eccentric vocal, the band never lets me down. The vocal style is a chorus type of sing a long that makes goosebumps jump up on your arms and on the back of your neck. A wonderful noisy journey that never lets you down…this is fantastic.

Inland Sea—-A joyous guitar intro prefaces the song and suddenlybecomes quite in time for the vocal to emerge. The voice is one of emotion and tenderness…the gentle piano strains are outstanding and rank up with the best stuff that Coldplay or The Fray could ever imagine. Wonderful and beautiful…heart wrenching and sad….wow!!!

Luna Park—-Delivering a vocal that is on par with the most wonderful and endearing vocalist on the mainstream charts today, this song is a heavily layered and emotional journey through sounds of introspection and sadness. The guitars and piano beef up the song and add to the emotional levels of the power of music. This is incredible stuff that needs to be heard by the masses. The mistakes are rare and the masterpieces come in waves. Outstanding.

Insatiable [one] —-Serene and layeredwith a slight touch of psychedelia, the voice is serene and full of emotion. The tone is full of emotion and reeks of loneliness. The guitar is a gentle reminder that human emotion is driven by music and layers of feelings. This is landmark and huge…masterful!!!

Pictures Of An Only Child—-Almost filled with the best pop styles that are popular today, I again think of the success of bands like Coldplay and wonder why this band is not huge and filling stadiums with their large and emotive sounds. We, as Americans. are shallow in our perspective and base things on such things as band titles and perception. A little radio play would explode this band to the masses…of course..then it would not be our band anymore would it?

Ascending—-The song is without description, the layers of sounds and interlocking vocals just provide a huge soundscape of sound that pleases and provokes weeping from the masses. This is a wonderful huge sound that gets at your very being. Fantastic!!!

An August Theme—-With a piano interlude that will rip the heart from your chest, there are times when the sound almost evokes the genius of The Beatles. The song has the layered and experimental edge that the lads from Liverpool were so good at…this is a wonderful excursion into the world of ‘Art-Rock’…whatever that is…I just call it fantastic music.

Insatiable [two]—-As a continuing interlude from the previous song, this track rounds out the release in a masterful way and leaves you with  a huge empty feeling as the release ends…you only have a thirst for something more,,,,,and you anxiously await he next chapter from this highly underrated band. PLEASE HURRY!!!!!

***** out of 5


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