Green River Ordinance/Out Of My Hands

Green River Ordinance is an American Rock band from Fort Worth, Texas. Formed in 2007, the band is named after an ordinance that prohibits door to door sales with out permission. The band has released 2 full length releases and one EP release. Out Of My Hands was released in 2009.

Outside—-Layered with sound and almost pop in sound, immediately upon the onset of the vocal you think of The Fray. The music side of the song is noisier and less piano based, but the vocal is almost to predictable. Not a bad song by any means…the music is a powerful driving affair. The choral verses give the song a huge sound….nice but predictable.

Come On—-This is a track full of 80’s sensibilities¬† and reminds me of Joe Jacksonat times. The sound is decidedly pop, but in a good way. The musical tempo changes give the song some depth and feeling, the drums are great and really at the from of the song. Very nice…I like this.

Out Of My Hands—-The jangly guitar at the beginning of the song makes me think of U2 right away. The vocal is very Frayinspired. The double vocals add some depth and emotion to the song. This is nice, but unfortunately unremarkable. I want for this band to break of of the mold it is setting in the worst way.

On Your Own—-Rather sedate and atmospheric, the vocal has a certain emotive quality that works so well with the piano and jangly guitar delivery. The sound of the song has a almost orchestrated feel to it that just adds to the intensity of the song. This is very nice.

Goodbye L.A.—-Nice…finally a tad bit of a different sounding vocal…again I think of Joe Jackson without all of the annoying jazz elements he has adopted late in his career as of late. This is wonderful and exquisite…this song could make me love this band.

Different—-This explores the ability of a truly diverse band. This is a huge pop rock affair that just grows and grows. The sound and layers are huge!!! The vocal is reminiscent of early 90’s progressive rock. The recipe is tried and works to a masterful effect here. Love this!!!

Learning—-Intense and dark, the guitars have a wonderful jangly sound that works really well with the vocal. The sound is layered with the bass guitar, lead and drums into a magical sound that just makes you ache for more. This is really great!

Last October—-Reminding me from the very first strains of the vocal of Blue October, the vocal and emotion is similar. The chorus of the song is a huge and anthem styled event that just pours emotion out by the pitcher. This is a wonderful and magnificent delivery…I look forward to more from this band and their inevitable evolution.

Sleep It Off—-A tad bit rockin’ and introspective at the same time, the tone of the song is pure pop. I would suspect that a lot of radio stations would eat this band up…yet all is quiet on the western front. This band has the potential to be huge and I’m surprised that has not happened. The vocals are great…really strong but not so powerful that it does not diminish the musical element. A nice mix.

Getting Older—-Huge and magnificent, the band gets better and better as the release develops. The sound is larger and more refined than the beginning of the CD. The vocal is less copycat and becomes it’s own as the release progresses. This is right out of the 90’s songbook…..I love this. The chord changes and the tempo differentials are fantastic.

Endlessly—-Set to an acoustic delivery, the vocal delivers that familiar sound of many bands today. The saving grace is the delivery of the vocal and the incantations and enunciation’s of the words. There is a slight accent that doesn’t belong there but works in a masterful way and feels appropriate when you here it…a band full of promise……give me more.

****1/2 out of 5


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