A Static Lullaby/A Static Lullaby

A Static Lullaby are a Post-Hardcore band from California. The band was formed from the ashes of numerous smaller local bands in 2001. A Static Lullaby produces a modern ‘screamo’ form of music mixed with a clean vocal delivery that is full of melody. This debut release was issued in 2006, the band has released one follow up CD in Sept, 2008.

Hang Em’ High—-The song begins is typical aggressive fashion, the onslaught of sound is huge and magnificent. The vocal is slightly obnoxious, but is mixed masterfully with a clear and clean melodic delivery that is so pleasant, it is easy to live with the noise of the alternating vocals. This is superb.

Contagious—-With a drum delivery that equals a machine gun, one expects violent and aggressive vocals to greet your ears…instead we are surprised by a gentle melodic vocal that is only replaced by a harder vocal at the fourth bar or so. The song is full of pure Emo melody and an irresistible chorus that will follow you around for hours. Magnificent!!!

Annexation Of Puerto Rico—-Brutal from the first notes, the aggression and forceful propulsion of the music is admirable. The screamed vocal delivery is magnificent and I worry about sore throats!!! The melodic points of the song are fewer and spaced further apart, but the song works really well.

Art Of Sharing Lovers—-The powerful pace of the music, combined with the fantastic drums and lead guitar make this sound huge. The clean vocals are filled with emotion and feeling, while the screamo styled vocal carries just as much feeling and force. The musical sound of the song is helped by a very upfront mix and it works to an incredible effect.

The Collision—-This song really mixes the two art forms of this band together to a magical result. The softer tones of the vocal is mixed right in with the more aggressive and gives the song a nice layered feel that is full of melancholy and angst all at the same time. This is wonderful…my favorite track on this release.

Trigger Happy Tarantula—-The guitar intro to the song only highlights the talent of this band….the vocal is almost sweet and full of emotional syrup. This is magnificent if only for the level of emotion that is put across. Even the screaming has a level of emotion that is heavy and transparent….tales of hurt, distrust and angst. WOW!

Eager Cannibals—-Beginning quiet with a fantastic upfront drum track, the screamed vocals are more acceptable and understandable. The song has nice mood changes that ebb and flow with the trading vocals. This is really great stuff.

Life In A Museum—-Beautifully constructed, the song has a nice level of trade off between emotional and aggressive tempos. At times, the song is damn noisy, but in a magnificent way. The song epitomizes the movement of music in this realm to an exact art. Wonderful!!

Stare At The Air—-Brutal and beautiful, the song covers all realms of emotion and feeling. The melodies are contagious and the song carries enough aggression to appease even the heaviest fan. The aggressive vocals are clearer and more accessible and the musical landscape is the star of the mix…moved to the very front and keeping the song at a frantic pace.

Static Slumber Party—-Beginning in an almost beautiful tone, only the drums belie the aggression that the band is capable of. the silence and serenity do not last for long, as the song erupts into a wonderful noise fest. The song is full of melody despite the more aggressive tone mid song. this is magnificent!!

Mechanical Heart—-Beginning wonderfully quiet and swirling with sound, the song opens up with a nice almost gentle musical landscape. The vocal is so serene and quiet, you question the name of the band…until the song opens up with a more aggressive mode mid way through. The clean vocal of the song is the star of the show, while the screams are pushed way underneath the mix….even below the instruments. A great end to a rather magnificent debut.

*** out of 5


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