Pet Shop Boys/The ‘Disco’ Series Vol 1-4 [Vol. 2]

Disco 2 was released in 1994. The disc features  club remixes from the Pet Shop Boys release Very in a continuous mix by Danny Rampling. It is sometimes monotonous and confusing, but the music stands on its own.

Absolutely Fabulous [Rollo Our Tribe Tongue In Cheek Mix]—-The one off single that was not on the Veryreleaae, this single was a subtle [or not] shout out to the famously successful BBC show of the same name. This remixed version has more pizzazz and zing than anything the original could dream of. The synth movements are masterful and made for the sweaty dance floor. the pace of the song is incredibly fast but the dub style vocal becomes tiresome after a time. All in all, this was exquisite in pace and delivery…the bass is climatic!!!

I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing [Beatmasters Extended Nude Mix]—-The mix is confusing as you suddenly land in the middle of this grand single from the Very album. One of my very favorite PSB singles, I love the speed of the song intermixed with a slight regrettable melancholy. This is fabulous!!!!

I Wouldn’t Normally Do This King Of Thing [DJ Wild Pierre Wild Patch Mix]—-The mix of the previous song sways into this more abrasive version at the flip of a coin and the song takes on a more metallic feel and disconnected feel. The sounds slide along as the song keeps up the miraculous pace and the vocals are more dub style and intermittent…not a favorite.

Go West [Farley & Heller Mix]—-You feel the mix beginning to happen as one song shifts into the other….the sound slows and becomes more coherent as the previous mix diminishes. The sound of the song is not immediately enjoyable as the mixers mess with the style of the song. The vocal seems to be stretched out and more tenor than normal and the manipulation does the song no justice. This is a remix that missed the songs clear qualities by a boat full…I found this a disappointment.

Liberation [E-Smoove 12″ Mix]—-Not a favorite of mine, I did not find all of the Diva styled vocals to be flattering to the mix. The sound of The Boys is gone completely and this becomes an anonymous studio group rendition….this is terrible!!!

So Hard [Morales Red Zone Mix]—-Visiting the BehaviourCD, this remix was a surprise for me on this disc. The remix is full of hard dance grooves and spacey synth sounds that instantly suck you in…through the headphones, the sounds swirl around your brain and ping from ear to ear. The groove is there and you keep waiting for the original sounds of the song to burst through…you wait and you waoit….and it never materializes as you anticipated….another disappointment. The interesting and fun part is that the end of the ‘first side’ exits with the female characters from ‘Ab Fab’….and then segues into….

Can You Forgive Her [Rollo Dub]—-From hundreds of songs that PSB have collected, I can count on one hand those I really. really dislike…..this is one of those. Don’t like it never did…..this version leaves me empty and hollow,,,same as the original. Only to be followed up by….

Yesterday, When I Was Mad [Junior Vasquez Fabulous Dub]—-one of my all time favorite tracks from the synth Gods. The song begins at an odd pace and just grows faster and faster as the song continues until it becomes almost maddening. Losing almost all of the signature sounds of the original, the song is an acid house induced romp that will make you crazy after at time with the speed of the synth. The song slows, but the garage style beats are overwhelming. Just as suddenly, you are getting glimpses of the next track through the mix……

Absolutely Fabulous [Tongue In Cheek Mix]—-A clearly distorted and ruination of a fantastic single, the mix leaves me empty and without words..I am disappointed with the reworkings and obliteration of the original brilliance. We are rewarded towards the end of the mix when the song becomes alive and bass heavy…the end is hardly worth the wait though.

Yesterday, When I Was Mad [Coconut 1 12″ Mix]—-The song enters the fray through the last mix and you are almost joyful that the previous track has ended…the song has a nice synth delivery that makes you want to rave for days. the comfortable vocals of Tennant play way under the hyper kinetic delivery of the music..this mix allows the true brilliance of the song to shine through…even in this reworked and wild version, the sadness and melancholy are very apparent. this is freakin’ brilliant…don not pass this mix up!!!!

Yesterday, When I Was Mad [Jam & Spoon Mix]—-The mix begins as a nice interloped version of the beginning, with this one being even more dance oriented. The synth sounds and computer generated sounds are so pleasing and comfortable, you allow yourself to be pulled into the haze. The vocal is an intermittent delivery that only accentuates the music. This is masterful…a great mix and contrast in sound of the same song. Wnderful…get this….now!!!

We All Feel Better In The Dark [Brother In Rhythm After Hours Cinema Mix]—-Ending this rather hyper and all over the place release with this nice mellow obscure B-side, the Boys allow you a proper cool down. The synth sounds are a masterful combination of mellow and acid fueled ecstasy. This is a wonderful way to end a rather disappointing follow up to a masterful debut way back in ’86. A nice way to round out all of the Ibiza styled mania.

*** out of 5


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