Pet Shop Boys/The ‘Disco’ Series Vol. 1-4 [Vol. 3]

Disco 3 was officially released in 2003 and was a treat for all fans of the duo. Not only were there unavailable remixes from the Release CD, this version of Disco also featured 5 new songs…a departure for the series.

Time On My Hands—-This is a monstrously large dance romp that I fell in love with upon the first listen. Superb in quality, this song could have been fit perfectly on any of the group’s releases comfortably. Chris Lowe again delivers a rare vocal on the song…but it is the power of the groove that makes the song what it is. The synth grooves are dance floor ready and will make you giddy with the energy of the delivery. This is perfect! Tennant is rarely heard on the track, but when he is featured it is a lovely textured delivery that fits the song like a glove.

Positive Role Model—-Yet another new song right out of the gate, this again, is a song with zero flaws and a huge sound. With a dance hook that sounds comfortable and familiar, the song moves at a rapid pace. The vocal is classic Tennant as he seems even more removed and deadpan than usual. The chorus is a slight mutated auto tune excursion into rave culture. You restrain yourself, as the urge to jump around and act like a fool is brought on by the pace and incredible bass of the song. This is brilliant and damn near flawless.

Try It [I’m In Love With A Married Man]—-Another new recording, it is perhaps the most blatant I have ever heard Tennant be about his sexuality…this song is very gay….and wonderfully so. The pace of the song is manufactured by the bass beat and heavy synth feel. The song has the trademark PSB sound that is unmistakable. The vocal is somewhat tender and in direct conflict with the heavy beat of the song. The song is humorous and at times tender….wonderfully done.

London [Thee Radikal Blacklite Edit]—-Taken from the excellent Release CD, the song is a huge rave induced instrumental of the original…it is driven forward by powerful bass and a classic PSB synth line. These guys have their sound down pat and this is a great example of that. Very few vocals are in the song, simply put…the music stands majestically on its own.

Somebody Else’s Business—-Wow! Yet another new track to enjoy and love. Everything about this excursion bleed quality and mastery. these new songs were not half hearted attempts at filler for the release, but incredible compositions that could make up an album of their own. The song finds the boys in a slight dour mood as the familiar synth waves of melancholy play out in the backdrop of more bass driven music. Tennant delivers a vocal that is more pure and beautiful than anything in recent memory. The chorus has an unforgettable hook and the pace of the song urges you to dance while allowing for introspection as well.

Home [PSB New Extended Mix]—-A surprising remix for the usually dour and somber song. The energy of the synth is dance floor ready as new sounds are introduced with each new bar of music. The song just seems to get larger and larger. The gentle piano/keyboard refrain takes the upfront position, keeping the original song in tact. The vocal is here and there, as the song encompasses mostly music. The sadness of the song runs through the back drop as expected. Tennant delivers a somber and gentle vocal that works well with the new musical direction of the remix. This is Wonderful….way better than the original.

If Looks Could Kill—-Another new track!!!! Heart be still….Tennant delivers a slight auto-tune vocal that is so high you forget e can sing like that. The music is slightly funky and dark as it moves along at a nice danceable pace. The highlight without a doubt is the vocal…wonderful!!!

Sexy Northerner [Superchumbo Mix]—-In classic Superchumbo style, the song is dark in sound and bass heavy. The intro seems to last a lifetime as you wait for whatever vocal the remix duo is going to give you. The beginning strains of the vocal are full of distortion and an odd hiccup style of delivery. Really not a favorite of this remix, but the Boys are the Boys…regardless of the remixer. This is passable but not stellar.

Home And Dry [Blank & Jones Remix]—-From the onset, the song is much different from the acoustic guitar delivery of the original. The bass is pounding and masterful. The song builds you up to a rave style peak ad crashes you back down only to repeat it once more. The vocal is delivered with flair and a slight echo that goes along with the bass wonderfully. The vocal seems to be sped up a bit, keeping pace with the new more hyper direction of the remix. At times, the voice seems moved to the back of the music, being just a guest in the composition. This is really great.

London [Genuine Piano Mix]—-The song is exactly as you would expect…a nice cool down after an amazing romp through Ibiza styled rave stompers. The piano is grand and the vocal pure and unaffected. Tennant actually sings in a voice that displays emotion and connectivity to the song. As the song progresses, you expect it to burst through at any moment, but the version has restraint and taste…a perfect end to an incredible journey. Nice!!

****1/2 out of 5


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