Brand New/Daisy

Brand New are an Alternative Rock band from Long Island, New York. Formed in 2000, the band has released 4 full length CD releases to date. Without a doubt, the band are the current darlings of the Indie community and have been for quite some time. Daisy, the bands highest charting CD to date, was released September 22, 2009.

Vices—-Beginning with odd soundbites and an old styled Victrola playing, the song reminds me of the crazy intros Morrissey has live in concert. The song goes on for quite sometime, all the scratches and hi-fi effects at full volume. The song literally explodes from your speakers suddenly and scares the shit out of you. The vocal is a screeching and unpleasant affair that I was not prepared for. The song has some really nice guitar licks and drums that explode across your headphones. Odd….different…but great. 

Bed—-In a complete 180, this song delivers the trademark sound that the band has been cultivating. The song has a slither and sexy feel that makes you nod along to the great drum groove. This is wonderful…nicely delivered and constructed.

At The Bottom—-The nice strains of an acoustic guitar begins the song and it slowly opens up with drums and a great drum track. Jesse delivers a vocal that is light in torture and huge on emotion. The melody of the song is instantly catchy and will stay in your brain. This is fantastic! I love the vocal overlays that give the song a huge sound on the chorus…the song is understated but powerful.

Gasoline—-A bit more bombastic in sound, the song is drum driven. the vocal is a maniacal masterpiece…sounding sometimes like The White Stripesin the ‘vintage’ area. The song opens up with this huge guitar delivery and feedback flash that makes the sound even more psychedelic. Fantastic…something different just when you need it….and something to always keep you guessing. At the 2:30 mark…the song becomes something completely different and slowly returns to the sonic feedback extraveganza….this is freakin’ outstanding.,…the song becomes….

You Stole—-A quiet incredible non-equilibrium inducing contrast to the previous song…Gosh…I love this band. The song has a nice washy sound that makes you think of the tide ebbs and flows…the vocal is double tracked and damn pleasant. Nothing about this song is wrong!

Be Gone—-Well….this is another nice surprise as the song becomes a Beck styled electronic/guitar freak out. This is awe inspiring and magnificent. I love all the moods and anticipation that each new song brings…you never know what to expect from this band and it makes them almost immortal.

Sink—-Making an art of the tradeoff vocal style, the voice ebbs and flows…from quiet pleasantness to Manson styled rantings. The music is an absolute wall of sound that makes actual waves in you eardrums. The song is heavily layered and manipulated with modern age equipment that makes the band sound huge in numbers. The lyrics are classic of the band though and you love every minute.

Bought A Bride—-This is classic sounding Alternative rock…it only proves why the critics and fans alike adore this band. The song is full of angst and aggravation and at times almost bleeds for attention and love. The very things the Y Generation are made of. This is truly a masterpiece. Wonderful!!!

Daisy—-With an interesting and humorous soundbite opening the song, the vocal at the beginning makes me think of Elvis Costello!!!The song slowly develops as it emerges from the tortured vocal and quiets again…..there are little interesting soundbites throughout the song. It is a vivid landscape of sounds and moods…the sometimes abrasive music quiets and it is almost like you have two songs in one. This is incredible.

In A Jar—-With an odd twangy sound to the guitar from the onset, you wonder at once where the song is going…you never know what to expect. The song is almost an odd Alice In Chains sounding delivery that literally explodes and then delves right back into quasi-psychedelia. This is a masterful song….the landscape is layered in sound, but barren in feel. That is talent!!! The song melds wonderfully into….

Noro—-A quaint and heavy piece that makes me think of  The Wall era Roger Waters or the So era of Peter Gabriel. This is wonderful….gosh!!! The voice is double tracked at times and makes for a masterful tone. At times the voice is so pained that you cry with it…only to be jolted with the drum beat. A great finish to an outstanding release.

****3/4 out of 5


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