The Ravonettes/In And Out Of Control

The Ravonettes are a Danish Rock group formed in 2001. Although the band uses many session musicians for recording and touring, the band consists of core members Sine Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo. In And Out Of Control is the bands 4th studio release and was issued in October 2009.

Bang!—-From the onset, you notice a remarkable departure from the sound of the bands previous release Lust Lust Lust. The song has a nice shoe-gaze sound that pulls on the emotional strings and makes you wonder if you have stepped back into the late 50’s. The chorus is a huge, melodic romp that is full of the doo-wop sound but allows a nice fuzzy guitar to play in the backdrop. the vocal on this track is literally magnificent…classic yet completely different from anything else being issued today.

Gone Forever—-The song begins with a more trademark fuzzy guitar, but that only last as the primary focus for a short time. The vocals again delivers a melodic and relaxed tone that is very reminiscent of musical days gone by. The harmonies are wonderful and the excursion into psychedelia mid song rounds out the track. This is simply…wonderful!!!

Last Dance—-Sounding more like a 1950’s girl group from the onset, the instrumentation is minimal for the first few bars of the song. as the music opens up the song, the vocal again takes the center stage in a cool laid back delivery that makes you want to roll up your sleeves and grease back your hair….fantastic!

Boys Who Rape [Should Be Destroyed]—-The song has a strong Electronic feel, the title and the content is not pleasant or happy. The ghostly vocals add an even more emotional edge to the song. The overlayed, harmonic vocals give the song a huge texture. This is magnificent, the lyrical content is not light, but rather delivered in an acceptable way. Fuzzy and sublime…this is incredible.

Heart Of Stone—-This song seems to step right out of the 1990’s British sound of The Stone Roses, The Charlatans and James. There is enough fuzz in the guitar to keep you interested and a dream like quality to the vocal that allows you to lose yourself in the sway and weight of the music. This is remarkable…I’m not really a fan of the last release, but this more than makes up for it.

Oh, I Buried You Today—-A smooth dreamy vocal greets you from the first note. The lyrical content is morbid and morose and the quality of the music fits the words perfectly. The voice seems to be drawn out and put through a slight coprocessor, but this only adds depth to this 1 minute song.

Suicide—-Not by any stretch of the imagination a happy song, the pace of the song keeps your head up despite another morose and morbid lyrical delivery. The guitars are intermittent during the refrain, but comes alive for the chorus. This is remarkable if only because the band manages to construct something so damn pleasant centered on something very intense and serious.

D.R.U.G.S.—-The only drawback of this song from the onset is the too familiar sound of the intro. As the song progresses, it takes on an identity of its own, the vocal decibel rarely rising above 2.0. The music is staccato and comes in blasts and bursts. Still very nice, the song leans on a more punkier notion that is reminiscent of earlier releases. Not bad!

Breaking Into Cars—-Reeking of Greasers, Leather Jackets and Poodle Skirts, this is brilliant, wonderful and damn pleasant. The pace of the song is kept active by a decidedly Alternative sound…the vocal remains sedate and double tracked with a nice retro feel. This is just…..fantastic!!!

Break Up Girls!—-With a more sonic and feedback infused guitar, this is a nice departure just when it was needed. This is feedback better than JAMC could even imagine. This is a huge wall of Spector sound…..the crash of the drums are mixed in with the extreme guitar experimentations perfectly. When the vocal finally enters the midst at about the 2:00 minute mark, the song quiets somewhat but still rises above the background vocal push. This is wonderfully constructed and ranks up there with the word ‘opus’ very close.

Wine—-Full of vocal ghosts and musical atmosphere, the song literally floats through your headphones. The chorus allows the song to come forward to an extent, but never crashes through the atmosphere and spacey feel. This is remarkable….I hope this current stream of experimentation continues.

**** 1/2 out of 5


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